I am in need of some new blogs to read! Please send me your link. I will follow, comment, etc.


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Judy Haley said:
I'm a mom to a toddler, a college student, and I'm battling breast cancer. I have a very full life and we have a lot of fun.

You have my prayers and it is in my heart that you will get better. You have the perfect attitude for a complete and positive life. I wrote a book when I too was going through a similar situation as you. I wrote, "In Search Of Paradise" and never looked back. That was over thirty years ago and I am still writing and living regardless of what the doctors predicted.
Dr Robert E McGinnis
Hope you like it!
Thanks, mimilovesall8@yahoo.com

Unexpected pregnancy at a young age leads to an unexpected life raising my wonderful son.
Many years ago I worked in a factory and supervised many young people. One of our single girls became pregnant by one of our married men. :The man ignored his created situation and the young lady never missed a beat in raising and educating the young man who became a pilot and one of America's heroes. As far as I know and I talked to her several times over the years, she never asked for anything and took charge of raising one of the best men America has known.

I saw it with my own eyes.
Dr M
www.couponmamacita.com! Plz visit and comment away!
Hi Amanda!

How nice of you! I'll follow your blog as well :)

True Confessions of a Colicky and Fussy Newborn Mom
Lou said:

You have selected a beautiful model for the cover of your magazine, she reminds me of an Irish girl I once knew.
Dr M
Hello Amanda, would love it if you stopped by my blog. I write about raising my seven cherubs here in Australia. My link is: http://www.sevencherubs.com thanks Naomi

If you leave me a comment letting me know you are following my blog, I will gladly return the favor. Always looking to make new bloggy friends!
My blog is http://danniibeauty.blogspot.com/

Happy reading!


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