I am in need of some new blogs to read! Please send me your link. I will follow, comment, etc.


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I'm just starting off... I'd love some followers and feedback! Thank you... http://dgmommy.blogspot.com
hope you can swing by my blog: http://e-pamilya.blogspot.com
I stopped writing for a while, but I'm back.

Hope you will look me up.
well, if you insist ;)


About my life as an expat in Lapland and all that comes with it
I would love for you follow mine! http://www.foreverslikeadream.com

SaucyB said:
By all means, then I invite you to check out my space - www.lifeofsaucyb.com. It's a *hopefully*, mostly, humorous account of my sometimes successful attempt to have it all as a wife, mom, working woman, volunteer and everything inbetween.

I agree with you. I recently posted something on a site denouncing guru s very much related

Robert E McGinnis Sr Nothing wrong with having a good, honest and intelligent guru who leads with vision, character and good moral judgment. At least that's what I tell all my followers. (my children)
Dr Robert E McGinnis
In Search of Paradise
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It's mainly a mommy/weight loss blog at the moment. I'm working on building it back up.
I will return the comments and following. :)
hi amanda, i blog about being a young mother living in los angeles. side topics include "natural" parenting, photography, the corporate world, my dislike of facebook, etc.: http://www.artemiscloverstory.com/
I am new to blogging so I hope you enjoy... and any advice would be great : )


Follow me and I'll be glad to return the favor!


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