I'm conducting a research about having family time and I need your honest answers and the reason for your answer.  In return, I will feature your blogs in my post as participants.


Question:  When taking your kid(s) to places in the weekend (zoo, children's museum, etc), do you prefer to have your hubby with you or not?


I have to be honest, I prefer to go out just with my son.  I understand the need to have family time together, which in this case including hubby.  However, when my son and I go out just the two of us, it was more relaxing to me.  Mainly because I'm the only decision maker.  I decide where to go, where to eat, when to leave, whereas having my hubby to come along means we have to discuss.  And sometimes discussion can be very exhausting.  I thought I was the only one who felt this way until I chatted with my co-workers and they all felt the same way.  Therefore, my answer to this question would be: as much as I hate to admit it, I don't like to include my hubby on family outing, simply because I like to be the decision maker.


I would appreciate if you can participate.  Thanks so much!

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Hi there! That is interesting. Everybody is different. I am the opposite. I don't like to go places with just me and my daughter. Perhaps this will change when she is older, at least I hope it does. I would like to spend special time with her one on one doing things outside of the house, but right now she is 22 months old and it is way too difficult. Everything becomes twice as hard when it's just me. I really want the extra help so I try not to go places unless my husband is with me. This includes grocery stores and shopping, etc. I like him to be with me for the extra help, and of course I love his company and all of us being together as a family. Shopping for myself I like to do by myself, without the husband and without my daughter. This is shopping for clothes or shoes or something I need to try on or do myself. It is extremely unpleasant and ruins the experience when I bring my daughter in the store with me. She just cries and whines and all she wants to do is run around. She can't sit still at this time of her development. Hopefully this will change in a couple years. That is just how I feel about it.
Great question though :)
Thanks Lesa for your response. May I ask why you rarely did anything as a family when you were married with your ex? Was that your choice or was he not interested in getting involved?
I prefer to take my monkey with me. Ava is full of life, and takes after her father in a big way. He works a lot, making it difficult for us to all spend time together. Even when Adam is getting on my nerves, I'd rather he be there, if only so I can watch the two of them light up as they interact.
Hi Marla,

I never thought about this subject before – very interesting topic.

I ususlly prefer to have my husband along.

When my son was younger, he’s now 18; we we're like the Three Musketeers - "All for one, one for all". We traveled a lot and lived in many different places, and it was fun sharing as new worlds opened up to Spencer when he made new discovers and learn new things.

Now that he’s a young man, I cherish our mom-son only outings, even though they are pitifully few and far between. :( If that makes me selfish, then I’m on board with that too.

Live well For Less
I like to go places with my husband and children when it's possible, not only because I like to spend time with him, but because with an infant, 2-year-old, and 4-year-old, things can easily get crazy...namely ME!
I think each person is unique in their preferences though. Thanks for asking such a great question.
I personally enjoy going places with the whole family. I think it makes events less stressful - my baby (who's a year and half) rarely wants to stay in his stroller. I cannot carry him for long periods of time because my back hurts (car wreck years ago). And, when both of us are going out - We can make sure that both kids are getting plenty of attention!

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