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How to Travel Safely With Children During the Holidays

This is the time of year when travel increases dramatically. Taking trips to see family and friends are perfect during the holidays as parents and children have time off of work and school to simply enjoy December. But as you travel you need to make sure your children are as safe as possible. 

Car Travel:…

6 Tips on How to Find Your Forever Home

Looking for a new home is both an exciting and challenging time in any person’s life. When you’re specifically looking for your “forever home”, your stress levels can start to peak. Studies are showing that people are starting to look for their “forever home” from an earlier age. Buyers are no longer taking the housing…



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If you need Tech Support with your blog, here's who I recommend...

Hi Ladies:
If you are like me, you do the best you can...and sometimes you just hit a wall...I've had some issues with 3rd party plug ins and widgets in my blog....I found a great company to help out and I wanted to share (I am not related in anyway to the owner - I am passing this along because they are terrific!)...
I called and got a call back in 15 minutes - and each issue is solved that day! It's realy amazing...I found them on the internet with about 5 others (2 were out of business, 1 never called back, another emailed me 24 horus later). Pricies are VERY reasonable...feel free to let them know I sent you along...!
- Swati

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