If you still need Followers as of 11/23, post your blog here and we will follow you back!


I can't tell who is actively looking for followers...but I sure am! Please follow me at http://www.thesinglemotherschronicles.com and I will follow you back. (And so will everyone else who replies, I hope :-) ).

I've followed a few folks who haven't followed back as well...so I'm guessing they got to their goals.

Best, Swati

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I followed you and everyone else who posted hope everyone follows me back i really need more followers i want to start having giveaways


Swati i couldn't find follow on your site so i subscribed by email
I added you to my blog reader and am following you now. Feel free to add me to your blog reader as well!
HI Danyale: I'm following you now. Did you get an error on my site with Google Follow? I'll look into it - thanks for the email follow.
Hey! I am going to start following everyone. Please follow me too!

God Bless!
Hi Apryl - I am following you now...please visit me at http://www.thesinglemotherschronicles.com
it finally let me follow you i had to change browsers all the pages dont fully load for me somtimes cuz im on dialup but following u now
Michele I'm following with google reader. Apryl, I'm following with google friends connect. Come check my blog out and follow back please :)

Thanks for the follow! I'm now following you! Thanks for providing a great website!
Thanks !
I'm following everybody whether its reader, email, or google follower I'm still missing alot of people though hope to see ya'll soon... I'm at 40 followers now thanks to all who have followed me
Hi All,
I create a Google spreadsheet so everybody can list their blog, it will make it easier for us to track the new people and keep track on who follow who. It's kinda hard going through the comments to follow each other. So here it is! Let me know if you able to get in the list... I'm kind of a rookie at this. lol
Great idea Roodlyne!


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