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If Your Fairy Godmother showed up and waved her magic wand, what ONE thing would you have her do or change? Be specific!

Hi Ladies,

I'm in the early creation phase of a course for women (on how to get unstuck).  I would very much appreciate your insight on your most important areas of desired change.  So....

If Your Fairy Godmother showed up and waved her magic wand, what ONE thing would you have her do or change?  Be specific!



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I would want to have a healthier body with more energy. I have a million ideas of fun things I really, really want to do with the kids, but when it comes down to it, I am so tired from 'adulting' that I don't have the mental or physical energy. Being an adult is mentally, physically and emotionally exhausting. I would LOVE to have the energy to give the kids the best childhood possible AND get the things I need to done. 

Thank you for your reply! 

Sometimes the only thing that needs to change is your mind. Ask yourself why you're spending so much time adulting. Yes, you probably have a time-consuming job and the kids do need to eat, but could you lower your standards (a lot) in some of the less important areas in order to have time to do what you love?  For example, I go to a rock climbing gym with my son. Some nights, that's all the energy I have left after being at work, running my life coaching business, and doing basic necessities like showering. I could have a cleaner home, nicer dinners, chores checked off the list, or I could have that evening climbing walls with my boy. That's something he'll never forget. What are some of the fun things you'd love to do?

Having better friends. I created an event to do a clothes swap, wine and facial. I invited all my local friends and I'm pretty sure no one is going to show up. This happens for EVERY party I host... even my wedding. I only have family show up at events.

Aww, that's sad. I feel that way often, also. It is discouraging. The events are just as much hard work even if no one shows up. :(

Thank you for your reply. I'm sorry about your wedding.

So did anyone show up to the swap? That sounds like so much fun!

Are these close, personal friends or acquaintances? If the latter, have you spent time building relationships one on one before an invite to an event?  



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