And for followers on my blog.
We can help each other increase traffic. I'm a talker, so I'll definitely leave comments. :o)

Just reply and leave your blog link!
Lisa @ All That and a Box of Rocks
Here's mine:

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Checked out ypur blog.  I really liked it.  My can be found at  I hope we can share some ideas!
Thanks Lisa!  I'm on my way to check out your blog (and follow) now!  I'm trying to make it to a whopping 200 followers by my 9 monthiversary (in 2 weeks).  I only need 6 more!  Will you help please and thank you?  Insanity Is Not An Option  Sparkle on!


To everyone who posted a link in the last week or so.....SO sorry for the delay.  I've visited everyone's blogs and I think I'm following everyone.   Thanks so much for posting!   Such a wide variety of blog designs, ideas and content.... I love it!!



Follow me mommies!  I'll surf through and follow as well!  My blog

Twitter follow

Facebook Like

Plus I invite you all to join the facebook group "Wellness and Money" The group focus "Like minded people who are dedicated to creating abundance in their lives, including abundance in health and wellness, money, and happiness.  Looking to empower people to take control of their financial well being and their health.  People who are committed to bringing a happy balance back to their lives physically and financially.  Share!"


Thanks for linking up---  I like your style.  :o)



Reading some of your posts - like them.  Eggplant parmesan....I think I googled that too on my last one, and ate a whole crap load of it, along with black licorice and pineapple.  Not sure which it was, if any of it, but I did go have him early.  It's a good thing too, because we were not expecting he was in any medical trouble.  Two more weeks in there would have been very very hard on him...That is amazing that we both have two boys that were born dealing with different challenges.  I look forward to following your posts and learning more about you!  I am following your blog on google and twitter, and liked you on fb.  Oh and fyi, your "show the love leave a comment" image is not connecting to the right page.

And networking will be the biggest thing for your blog's presence, while making sure your site is submitted and posted out there will be best for it's ranking...just make sure you're submitting it wherever you can and exchanging links.  There are a lot of directories you can submit it to, and many sites that link exchange.  In fact I just decided to create a link exchange page on my site yesterday, so if you want to begin exchanging links, put my info up, and then email me yours (I have a page rank 3 now). previously I just have been putting links at the footer of my home page...hope that helps with presence! :)



So glad you linked up!  I have a good friend IRL who has a son with Shone's.  My oldest son had different defects, but he did have surgery for coarctation of the Aorta when he was one week old.  There is a huge CHD community on FB if you are interested.  I have my CHD friends listed as CHD.  There are several Shone's mamas on there.  :o)



I'm co-hosting (there are 3 of us) my first blog hop ever!  WOOT WOOT!  The concept is simple and sincere!  We provide a linky for you and we visit and follow your blog, leave a MEANINGFUL comment (hence Meaningful Monday) in the hopes that you will follow us and comment on a regular basis as well!  Come join us please and thank you!  Meaningful Monday voiceBoks Sponsored Blog Hop  Let's put meaning in each others Mondays, want to? :)


I missed it this week, but look forward to participating in the future.




Gonna head over to follow you in just a bit.


Here's mine





Amber,  following you now.  (Green is my favorite color, too.)  :  )




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