In response to the # of comments discussion: Do you reply back to your comments?

I try to respond back to all my comments even if it's just to thank the commenter for stopping by my blog. Do you reply back to your comments? How do you do this - on your site or via email?

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I do reply to every comment on my blog (I use that dreaded Blogger comment thing - tried to use JS-Kits but it messed my comments up something fierce!) I also go to the blogs of the people who have left me a comment to do the same for them on their blog - if they have EntreCard, I drop my card while I'm there, too! ;) I'm still trying to figure out how to manage my time, I get distracted sometimes by getting caught up reading posts! :)
I try to respond either via email or leave a comment on their blog. With giveaway posts it's not always possible since I still have kids to take care of and stuff to do around the house but I like to think that people who have blogs and are entering giveaways on a blog are understanding of that.
I try to respond and I always visit their blog.
I do TRY to reply back to them all and I usually do - as long as I keep up to date with it it's pretty easy.
I'm like AJ. But most times, I will just leave a comment on their blog.
Seems like a lot of people respond by email, and that's the method I prefer, especially with new visitors.
It's personal and I know the person will actually see my response.

I also use the wordpress "know your commenters" plugin to follow them on twitter, which gives me the chance to build a relationship with people who call by.
I don't always respond on my site but I do visit their blog to say thanks and learn more about them.
I always try and respond to comments. It may take me a couple of days, but I do honestly try. I think it falls for me under a natural common courtesy.
I would reply back, but I think I'm the only person who visits my blog!
I gerenally just visit their blogs and leave a comment.
I usually visit their blogs and leave my comments there. :) I usually don't reply on my own blog, unless they're asking a question...
If I can reach them (email in their profile or in their comment) and they ask a question I try to reply via email. Sometimes they offer suggestions to me or leave some type of comment I want to reply to and again, if I can contact them by email I do.

I don't reply to every single one though, just no time. I don't respond to comments by leaving another one because I don't think the majority of people follow along the comments for the most part - I think they just leave a comment and maybe skim the others and then forget about that post or at least the comments.


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