Please post some more about yourself and/or your natural childbirth experiences!

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I am Marisa, I have 2 little boys. Gage who will be 4 in early January he was a hospital birth, cascade of interventions, being young and intimidated and ending in an unneeded c-section.

My 2nd child, Dane who will be 1 in November was an HBAC. I gained back the knowledge of having my baby naturally, both vaginally and no drugs or interventions. We are planning future home births for any future children.
I figured since I started this group maybe I should introduce myself, lol! I'm Shay and I'm a sahm of two kiddos. My first birth was a hospital birth where I was young & knew basically nothing. My water broke at home, I went to the hospital where after just a few hours of labor I wasn't "progressing" (not fast enough for them, that is) and they pumped me with Pitocin, which they continued even after my child was born. They refused to let me eat or get up and walk around. They also pressured me into getting a shot of pain medication, even though I didn't feel that it did anything except make me feel weak and confused. My son was born just fine & healthy but I knew that for the next time around, I wanted something different.
My second birth was also a hospital birth but I was under the care of a midwife and did a lot more research on what I wanted & what I thought was best for me & baby. I was very overdue and consented to let the midwife break my water. She let me eat and gave me free range of motion. My labor wouldn't start (my children are very content to stay in utero I guess, lol) so we started a Pitocin drip BUT the midwife let me control how long it was on for, which made a world of difference. The labor with my second birth was so much more calmer and peaceful. I felt at ease and in control. My daughter was born in just a few hours.
I would love to have a homebirth in the future but don't know if it's possible for us or not. I do know that I will definitely stay with a midwife. I have a passion for childbirth and would love to become a natural childbirth educator in the future.
Hi! I'm Sarah..I have 2 little boys who were both born natural (well..natural with induction, if that counts!) in a hospital.

My almost 3 year old was born sunny side up and took a few hours of pushing to get out, he's still pretty stinkin' stubborn! I had told hubby that I DID NOT want pain got to the point I wanted them and he found me a nurse who "told it like it was" and got me away from wanting the meds, lol.

With my second (now almost 3 months old) I was TERRIFIED of the pushing..I was convinced he was going to be just as hard as the first...nope! I went in for an induction with him too and after awhile I finally begged to just go home and let him come on his own time..the doctor agreed. I was only about 4 cm. I went home and went to bed, only to wake up 3 hours later feeling like I had to push! Hubby did a wonderful job getting us to the hospital safely and they rushed me on up and into a room (I was already complete) and less than 10 minutes after we got there our little man was born! They broke his bag right before I pushed him out and he came out in ONE push, ONE! Unbelievable. My doctor didn't even make it, they had an ER doc was amazing, I got to labor at home (and sleep through it, which was awesome) and still made it to the hospital (family history of hemorrhage, lol).

Anyway, my stories could be much longer but I don't want to get boring ;)
Natural with induction definitely counts - that's how my second was! :) Welcome to the group!
hi!!! I am Alex and I have two kids. My son is 2 and my daughter is 6 months. When I had my son I was very uneducated about birth/labor and after many interventions ended up having a c-section. With my daughter my aunt set up a bradley class for us and I successfully have a natural VBAC! It was an amazing experience. I wish I could have had that experience with my son, but I think having done birth both ways I can honestly tell someone that the natural way is MUCH better emotionally and physically.
Wooohooo! That is wonderful to hear! Thanks again for joining the group!
My name is Tamar. I'm a birth doula working and living in Israel.
I had 3 natural births, and thay changed who I am.
two of my kids were born at home, in water. it's the best experience of my life (-:

I'm Jo. All of my three children were born naturally at hospitals, which two of them in Europe. When my oldest was born almost 17 years ago in Sweden we never called it natural because it was how it was done. They were very reluctant to do C-section and was done only in extreme cases. They were very strict on pain medication during and after the delivery. It was cloth diapers and breastfeeding promotion.

I was quite shocked to find out that I could schedule the birth of my middle child in California since I lived far from my favorite doctor ( which I didn't do of course, and I changed doctor instead). It was another thing that we didn't do back home in Sweden. The hospital couldn't believe that I didn't want pain medication after the birth.

My third birth was natural as well and took place in Germany where they allowed a midwife to visit me 10 times at home after the birth. She brought chamomile tea and natural things, as well as checked in on the baby.

I wish I would have known more about home births back then because it would have been my choice..




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