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I am all for bloggers doing whatever they want with their blogs but do you ever find it frustrating that some bloggers will post 3 or 4 times a day? It's so hard to keep up! I post once a day, Monday through Friday. What about you--how many times do you post a day? And is there such a thing as posting too much?

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It does make it harder to keep up. I am struggling with keeping a good pace for my own blog...I rarely have more than one post a day but I am still trying to find a groove for posting on my blog.
Sometimes I do 2 a day. I try to always do 1 personal one and then maybe 1 business related one. Sometimes I have to restrain myself though from posting too much. It does get lonely here with my 3 kids in the winter, haha.
On a normal day, I try to do one a day, although on the weekends I may not blog at all. However, when things get really crazy with my daughter's medical condition, I have posted up to 4 times in a day with updates. I guess it really all depends on the content at the time...
I try to keep myself from posting more than two times a day. Some days I'm just so excited, I WANT to blog more. Of course, there are the days when I can't at all because my son won't let me. ;-)


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