Hello moms:

I have been blogging off and on for a little while now with little success. I actually just had to redo my blog after it was hacked and I had strange comments and code show up. (Ugh) But...I was luck enough to download and back up my posts before this happened.

Anyway, I was looking for some critique on my layout and posts. My layout is a pre-designed download that I can do little editing to, but I have a little basic knowledge of code, but if anyone has any suggestions on layout, style, post style I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

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There are 2 things that jumped out at me. First, there seems to be a lot of white space. What about a logo versus just text at the top to add some more color/interest? I found someone on Fivver. Paid a little more to get what I wanted (I think $65). I got a logo for the site as well as Twitter & Facebook.

I love your photos. However, as I go to read a post I want to click on it to take me to the post, but it doesn't. I'm sure other people do that too. So there may be some struggle to figure out how to get to your post as you have to click on the actual title or "read more".

Otherwise, it looks clean, professional, easy to read. Photos and layout are good (in my opinion).

Hope this helps! 

Make that (I always type it fivver). Sorry.

I am a lover of white space but Emily is on point about a logo. If not a logo, try some different fonts with your blog title. Check out Etsy, there are some great designers there that create logos for a low price, some even around $25! It just depends on what you want. I would even suggest Canva to create your own. Might be a good idea to have a selfie over on your sidebar profile. Your pics are lovely, wish I could take crisp, clear pics like that! 

Thanks for the critiques everyone. There just isn't any $ right now for a logo. I had one for my old blog, but since I had to redo with a new title, I'm at square one. 

Then definitely check out Canva as Tiffany mentioned. Free! You can play around with some pre-designed text/images to create your own. Really easy!!

Karla, good job on your blog! Your content is helpful and useful which is key. I do agree about the white space at the top of your home page. Is there any way you can move up that first blog post a bit? What shows up above the fold on all website home pages is important. See if you have possibly fix that. You also could place a sign up box for email on the top right side of your blog for people to sign up for your list. That way you can alert them of new content, helpful tips and promote offers to them in the future.

What is the main goal of your blog and what is your plan for it?

Again, you have some really good content -- good job! I love the layout. It's clean and easy to read. The only issue I see is just on the initial arrival to your home page. If you can decrease the white space, it would be better for your readers so they scroll less.

Also, I don't think you need a logo at all. Just keep doing what you're doing. The logo can come later. No need to invest money if it's not necessary to do so.


Your blog looks nice, clean, and easy to browse. I love white space, but I do thing there is a little bit too much on the top, and since I am getting late to this party I see you already made the images to click to the post, well done lady!

I love your photography, I am interested on hearing how you get such good light on your photos.


I used a downloaded template and cannot seem to find the padding code to minimize the white space at the top. As far as the photos go, I only use natural light. We have almost NO windows in our house, so anything taken inside has to be done right in the AM to get it just right. 

Found it in the css file, do you have access to it?

.header-wrapper {
  1. _background-imagenone;
  2. max-width960px;
  3. margin100px auto;
  4. padding50px 0;

If you change the padding to just 0 it makes it smaller.

In regards to your photography pic, I guess I just need to be more organize and have everything ready in the AM to take pics :)

Ah, thank you. My eyes go so cross staring at it.


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