Looking for more blogs to follow and fill my day with! I just started a new blog and have TONS of drafts saved, just cant convince myself they're ready to be published... so in the mean time, let me browse around at yours! Send me a link to your blog and I'll follow, read, and more than likely comment your blog off!


And please! Visit my blog at !! I only have the one post up so far, but have done a LOT of work on my About Me section, as well as the Shop MY Stuff and making a BigCartel page!


Feel free to leave a comment on my blog, or just follow for now until I get the nerve to post more entries, lol.


p.s. I started just going through this forum and adding blogs that wanted followers (and probably still will) but atleast wanted to post one for you to click my link and have me follow you back! There seems to be a hit or miss on posting in this forum, some discussions have 300 replies, and some have 1! Sheesh..

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Thanks Ali! Your blog seems very similar to mine and it seems we have a lot in common - I'm short too, staying home with my daughter, tall husband. :) Don't feel guilty about the MIL post - at least she's not MY mom. Haha! Ooh, that was mean. :) Also, I love the name Evelyn. Evie is the cutest nickname ever. Following you on Twitter now too. Might have to send you a question sometime on how to actually get paid to do this. Eventually . . .

I would love to have your follow my blog Pamela Maynard's Pen is the place for parenting, writing and inspiration by a hard working mom, for hard working parents.

Happy Blogging!


HI! I, too, am a Houston (Kingwood) mom of two beautiful little girls!

I recently joined Plum District Houston (an all MOM company) and want to share the great things that they offer!

Today, Get a FREE *Build-A-Bear gift card* for the kids!

All you have to do is enter a first day of school photo or a simple message!

Don't forget to LIKE the page, too!

Jennifer  (  :


Loved Your Blog : ) I just joined.

Come stop by my blog for "A Bit of Information" lol

Following you back :)

Hi Alison,

Here's my blog It's for working moms balancing family and career, fashion,food,etc. all wrapped into one blog. I'm going to head over to check you out!

Hey! Do you have GFC? I didn't see where I could follow your blog but I "liked" your facebook and am following you on twitter now :) I like the Sharing Household responsibility post.. my husband does all the cooking too!

Haha that's sweet of you! I just made it 2 months ago. My brother in law lives in L.A. and has 2 and 1/2 year old twins! I'll refer him to your site as well :)

By the way, I LOVE your blog. It looks so professional! Yours definitely doesn't look new haha looks like you've got it all figured out :)

Hello!  I am new to blogging and would love for you to look at mine!
I am your newest follower :) Hope you'll do the same to mine! I'd also like to suggest you go to voiceBoks. I have a link to their page on my blog. But they are VERY good for getting loyal followers that actually comment and participate with you. Just a tip for someone new trying to find some readers!
Following you on FB and will follow your twitter as soon mine comes back up (apparently I got a little Twitter-happy and got shut out for 1 hour, lol) but feel free to join me on facebook & twitter as well!


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