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Hi! I blog about motherhood and lifestyle!

How wonderful! My blog is directed to Mothers specifically to support first-time Mothers and NICU moms. Feel free to find me on facebook Mama Bear Shares, and check out my blog.

Hi Mommies,

I hope all is well. I have created pregnancy planners that I sell on my blog and would greatly appreciate it if yall can share them with someone you know that may need it. Here is the link:

Thanks for the love and support :)

Wow Kayla, you have so many great resources for moms on your blog, I truly enjoyed checking it out! I am a mommy of 7 so I think I have had all my pregnancies now lol - but I will pass on your link to any friends and family I think may benefit from one of the planners or your other cool products. 

Looking to increase traffic -

Just checked out your blog, it is filled with great insights! I especially loved your face mask technique on this post

Good luck and stay safe!

Thank you. You too stay safe.

Great tips. You should help each other for everything. Need to think about the majority not only about our own gains. Stay home, stay safe and stay strong. Hopefully, this too shall pass. 

This is fantastic MBC team; there is so much we can all do for each other and tips we can all share. My latest post on my blog 'Climbing In Heels' is a great recipe on the flu fighting nutrients found in turmeric and a super easy turmeric tea recipe that we should all be drinking to keep our immunity in top shape right now! Please check it out and keep safe everyone! God bless!

I'm a new member. My blog link -

My parenting blog is called Lala to Mama. I do a lot about being a working mom which includes family-friendly recipes, product recommendations and weekend family adventures in California. Plenty of tips from pregnancy through school-age children. I would love some more follows on my Facebook page because I am very close to 1,000!



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