I came across this idea in another forum and thought it would be good idea to share it here.

I know there are many Mom’s who stay at home, but also run part time business’s from home, that non of us know about, but many of us can benefit from, and we can support each other in our endeavours. There are so many people doing independent sales, and so many awesome new companies everywhere that we don’t know about.

So come on….share your company here, tell us what you do and for which company?

I am in the process of building a website, called The Special needs

Here you can get information, tips and techniques for raising, loving and parenting a child with special needs. Special families need to share stories, resources, and information to inspire and motivate each other on this long journey full of ups and downs, raising a child with special needs.

Pop in, have a look around! I would love to hear from you if you have any ideas or would like to contribute to my site.




Who’s next?

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HI there! I very new to this website and trying to get more people to my website. I am starting to sell jewelry! Would love for you to follow me! I have lost count on how many I am following but of you leave a comment to me on here or on the blog I will will follow you too! :) 


Fire Butterfly Jewels

What wonderful ideas/businesses everyone has!  So great looking through all of them.  I'll add mine to the list.


Mom of 2 at Home


Your Pet Store With More

Angels of InspirationAngels of Inspiration.

Our blog is called...  Angels of Inspiration. We have developed a serene dream, a peaceful safe place where parents, grandparents aunts, uncles friends and family of any age can visit to take a small piece of Inspiration if they need it and leave inspiration if they have it.

Our focus... We want to share our vision of reaching out to the younger generation, through inspiration, to empower these young individuals into having strong, confident, and positive minds and prepare them for a bright future ahead. To promote education at a positive level. Let's support and inspire children while in their developing years.

High lights... Some of our high lights thus far consist of, a section dedicated to weekly tips to help parents help their children see the best within themself. We share inspiring quotes, Dereks Corner, a section for our Author and illustrator to share his inspiring words. We offer interviews with some amazing people to share their inspiration and motivation with our readers. We have the best of Angels of Inspiration as well as new posts daily that we welcome our ever growing friends and family to share their thoughts, feelings and comments on. We also offer updates to our childrens inspirational book series that we are writing, illustrating and having published. We have so much more in our blog filled with love to share from our hearts to yours.

Interview with angels of Inspiration...

Who are we? Angels of Inspiration, we are two people, who began as strangers who one day shared a conversation and became friends. Friends filled with inspiration, respect, and positive energy who’s paths crossed, both going on a forward journey to learn from one another and share with one another a passion and a desire to walk down a pathway and take a turn and an opportunity to give back to mentor and to share.

What brought us together as a team? What brought us together was our respect for one another, was our desire to put both our passions and visions together to create an amazing project to reach out to the children, our next generation. To take a step forward and help children in their most developing years to dream, to reach for and prepare a positive coarse to create a vision as they travel down their individual pathways of life in pursuit of happiness. We had a desire to create change.

What are our experiences? My partner (Derek Fobert) offers guidance and inspiration through his entrepreneurial and personal coaching work for those who have a vision and want to reach their dreams. He has an even more exceptional talent of expressing himself through word as well as very gifted at articulating his thoughts and feelings. Derek is a very special and gifted leader and mentor to many, his special talent comes out and shines in everything and everyone he touches. He is an exceptional artist in capturing his subject’s soul and spirit through art. Portraits did In pencil, charcoal, and pastel. Myself ( Dawn ODell)I worked for many child care centres before getting hired by The Board of Education as a teachers Assistant for special needs children for four years. I am now self employed in the field of private home daycare and have been now successfully for 15 years. I am an up coming entrepreneur in the area of realistate and a Co-owner of Angels of Inspiration childrens inspirational book series. Both Derek and I share a great interest and passion in self help and positive life choices.

What is our vision... Our vision and intention is to promote emotional well being and link that to the childrens imagination and creativity

What do we hope children as well as their guardians take from our blog as well as our childrens book series?... We hope and invite our friends and family at Angels of Inspiration to take from us, a dream, their dream, inspiration and a positive outlook on their hopes and desires and their future ahead.

What is our goal at Angels of Inspiration?... Our goal is to reach out to our younger generation give our children the tools they so desire to dream, to inspire to achieve. To think outside the box with a positive mind set.

What is our beliefs for our children around the world?... We believe that there is a great lack of learning tools, and guidance. We believe that what our children are learning is outdated and very basic. We believe that we must motivate and inspire our young and give them the tools they crave to promote emotional well being through creativity and positive thinking.

What makes our blog and childrens book series unique?... What makes Angels of Inspiration unique is our passion, our vision to teach children to dream. Our drive and dedication to create the tools required through entertaining childrens books to empower our next generation. To give parents the help and words to teach their children and help them develop the positive mind set to lead by example. We are unique simple because me care, because we are committed to our children and their future. We hope that you too will share our vision.

Angels of Inspiration @

Hey there!! I am new to all this! I am trying to follow everyone but it will take some time to get everyone! Come over to mine and leave a comment and I will follow you too! :)


Fire Butterfly Jewels

"Bamboo Pink Press Release"

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Copy this email (text and picture) into a new message and replace my webpage link with your webpage link and send it to your friends. You could win some awesome prizes and you could be building a fabulous network for yourself very quickly. We'll watch this company grow and build together and have fun earning jewelry and other great prizes along the way!

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Bamboopink is a new fashionable, yet affordable jewelry line made and designed by a JudeFrances, a famous, high-end designer whose current line is sold in upscale department stores, is all over the red carpet and worn by Oprah and the likes! Check them out at Analysts speculate that Bamboopink will be the largest women’s internet start-up company in history. The company has a cutting-edge business model, and the jewelry will be sold through consultants on our personal websites and through “virtual” jewelry parties. Please see below email for what sets this company apart from other direct sales companies!


This is an AMAZING, once-in-a-lifetime ground-floor business opportunity by private invitation only, and I hope you will consider joining me!

Please see additional information below and attached. Also, if anyone would like to learn more, please join our conference call.

Phone # 712-432-0075

Pin 472712#

8 pm CST

Playback # 712- 432-1085


If you have questions please send an email to


Track Back

Hello... I am a newbie.  I currently do 4 business from home... I love to take on a lot of stuff! Right now it enables me to stay home with my kids. It's been great! I can attend their sporting events. I hope you can check out my websites below.


VAULT DENIM Designer Denim: My newest venture and I am really excited! This business is almost a year old. If you would like to get into a business at the ground floor level... this is it! I am so excited to build this business in my area... no one that I know of is doing parties! This is a great opportunity... don't miss out!


GOLD CANYON Candles and accessories - I have been with them since 2003.


TASTEFULLY SIMPLE - Simple foods adding 2 ingredients or less!


Thanks a bunch!




I'm also a SAHM too. ;-P This business I'm promoting is a baby of my present blog site The Chic & Sassy Homemaker. In this site, I'm starting to link up with top online shops such as Expedia, Disney, Celebrate Express and more. I would love if you would do some shopping from the ad link on my site.

I love doing web artwork, so I decided to help others who might find it too tedious to work on a custom blog header....cause I sure did spend sleepless nights before just trying to come up with a good one.;-)


I'm on "Soft Opening" and only doing with for a little cost (think of it as a donation*_^ Wink!)

I would welcome followers too. And I would do a follow back! ;-P Thanks and Best Regards!

 Please visit: Chic & Sassy Designs

This is great! Thanks for sharing!  I will go check out everyones sites! Here are mine!

I will add mine here as well. Afterwards, I will start perusing throught to check out all of these great shops/businesses!


I am not an any-kind-of AHM. I work outside the home. In addition to being a wife, mom, engineer, and blogger, I have started selling my homemade candy/treats on etsy. Everyone locally loves them so I have started selling them. I hope everyone else can love them as much as we do!


Feel free to pay my shop a visit and pick up a gift for yourself or someone else!




My name is Shaleen and I sell Scentsy Wickless Candles. Currently working on a blogspot for my business but feel free to visit my webpage at  Love the company and love their support of their consultants.  I am currently trying to build a team not only in the US and Canada but now opening in Germany and the UK. 

 Scentsy is a wickless candle run by a lightbulb and safe for the home, pet and kiddos.  The wax never gets hot enough to burn anyone (no hotter than body temp.) and it is firesafe.  Easy to use and affordable for all moms :)  I will include a tip sheet that also has a little more information on my products.  It is great.

Find your Uniques Scent,

 Shaleen Ague, Ind. Scentsy Consultant


Hi Shaleen!  I love Scentsy!!!  Good luck on your blog!  Here's a link to mine!



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