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I came across this idea in another forum and thought it would be good idea to share it here.

I know there are many Mom’s who stay at home, but also run part time business’s from home, that non of us know about, but many of us can benefit from, and we can support each other in our endeavours. There are so many people doing independent sales, and so many awesome new companies everywhere that we don’t know about.

So come on….share your company here, tell us what you do and for which company?

I am in the process of building a website, called The Special needs

Here you can get information, tips and techniques for raising, loving and parenting a child with special needs. Special families need to share stories, resources, and information to inspire and motivate each other on this long journey full of ups and downs, raising a child with special needs.

Pop in, have a look around! I would love to hear from you if you have any ideas or would like to contribute to my site.




Who’s next?

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HI Maryann!  Do you have a blog i can follow!  I love meeting all the moms on here! They have been great!  Here is  a link to mine if you want to connect!

Maryann said:

Hi ladies!


My name is Maryann Peik-- I am an independent demonstrator for Uppercase Living. Uppercase Living is the premier company for fabulous vinyl wall expressions, irons on embellishments and sooooo much more!


I am looking for women who are interested in starting their own company, being their own boss, and who loves decorating! Does it sound like you?  Then Join My Team!


The perks and incentives are AMAZING! For as little as $99, you are set to jet with your own company!


Contact me at if interested! I would love to discuss with you some options!


Here are some of my favorite embellishments:

I am a single working mother to 3 teenagers, my hands are really full each day, I love to blog as much as I can so that I can earn some allowing writing some sponsored reviews each day. I would like to offer these opportunities to other SAHM or working mothers too, so whoever is interested, please write to me at

Blogs with PR2 and above is the requirement.  Thanks!

Hi Reana! I think I am following your blog :) I am a SAHM of five little boys!

 I am a follower now! Follow me if you get a chance!

Hi Ladies!

I'm a Tastefully Simple rep on Long Island.  I have lots of "at home" jobs that I do and this is another one that I do for fun.  I am offering up FREE SHIPPING on all orders through 3/17 when ordered through email/phone call.  It's not offered on the web site. 

I like getting out of the house, but, I quite often just do at home specials so there is no party involved (as many people that like having the parties, other people don't like going to the parties!) SO, I like to do online promotions.  I quite often do well with these - especially now that the new SPRING/SUMMER catalog is available.

Check it out if you like!  Then you can message me and I'll answer any questions that you have!


Thanks for your time ladies!

I'm slowly getting around to everyone's blogs - there's so much stuff to read!!!



Thanks Wendie!  I will go check out you blog!  Visit mine if you get a chance!

Hi there! I'm one of those stay at home moms that have an independent consultant career, with thirty one gifts.  If you follow me on my blog i will inturn follow you.. I love your ideas, I recently did a fundraiser with my products for autism... I was so glad to help raise money for them...


I am co-owner of Boutique on Feet, an online and traveling boutique where we sell handbags, jewelry, fashion and accessories for under $50!


Hello I justed joined a start up company who will be going live in April.  We are looking for people everywhere to sign up for free and no obligations.  To learn more about the company I now represent go to 

No inventory or samples needed. Your customers orders are shipped directly to them.  To sign up for free go to Get in on the ground floor and build your business now, before it gets so popular you wish you got in today.


I have a business on Etsy and in local stores in my area that are helping to offset our adoption costs. I sell organic baby and mommy items,

We are trying to get that last push of help before baby comes home :)


Hey y'all! My name is Jamie and I'm a SAHM. Hubby & I recently started (Feb 28th) a new website and are trying to get the word out about it. We post all kinds of free stuff, free samples, coupons, money saving tips, giveaways, deals & more.


We personally test every offer before we add it on our site to make sure it is what it says it is and is 100% free. We do NOT add any "participation required" or junk.

We would love for you to come check it out, grab some freebies, save some money and leave us some feedback.


Like us on Facebook ~ Follow us on Twitter

My business is Purity Clothing Co and I design and make dresses, skirts and tops as well as handmade jewelry and hair accessories.  I also sell {oh-so-lady-like} luggage.  Take a look and purchase from either of my websites.  Thanks and may God bless you all! and  Follow us on Facebook at


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