I came across this idea in another forum and thought it would be good idea to share it here.

I know there are many Mom’s who stay at home, but also run part time business’s from home, that non of us know about, but many of us can benefit from, and we can support each other in our endeavours. There are so many people doing independent sales, and so many awesome new companies everywhere that we don’t know about.

So come on….share your company here, tell us what you do and for which company?

I am in the process of building a website, called The Special needs child.com.

Here you can get information, tips and techniques for raising, loving and parenting a child with special needs. Special families need to share stories, resources, and information to inspire and motivate each other on this long journey full of ups and downs, raising a child with special needs.

Pop in, have a look around! I would love to hear from you if you have any ideas or would like to contribute to my site.





Who’s next?

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What a great idea!
I am an Aromatherapist. I have recently decided to focus more on my online aromatherapy business, so I made a new blog dedicated just to aromatherapy and essential oils with lost of information being added. I also offer online consultations.

It is a brand new blog with very few followers right now, I plan to have an oil of the month giveaway to followers of the blog just to show appreciation. So, if I can get a decent amount of followers I will start the giveaway in the beginning of November.

I am a distributor of Young Living Essential Oils and I am focusing on increasing my team and to sell oils. I offer my new e-book All You Need to Get Started in Aromatherapy, at no cost to people joining my team, whether it is just to enjoy the preferred customer price or to become a distributor. I fully support my team giving them valuable health advise as well..I have been involved in several companies and I know what I don't like about the ways people support their teams. I want to be there 100% for my team..

My blog, All You Need to Know to Get Started in Aromatherapy

Im a Distributor with Send Out Cards. My company allows its users to send cards and gifts from the comfort of their desk whether its 1 or 100.

You can sign up for a free gift account by going to http://www.cardsendingsista.com to test drive the site and send 2 cards on me.
I am a WAHM. I help families find flexible, affordable live in childcare.
For $330 a week (the total cost of the program fees along with the stipend you pay your au pair each week, you receive 45 flexible hours of childcare. Your au pair will care for your children, prepare their meals, do their laundry, keep the house in order, and take your children to their various activities

Thousands of families throughout the United States have been enjoying the many benefits of have an au pair for their childcare solutions. Not only do you have more flexibility with your weekly childcare needs, but you will probably find that our program costs less than what you have been finding out there.

Don't need childcare? Sign up for FREE as an agent and earn $100 every time a family you refer to me takes an au pair into their home.

Hello there, I think your ideal is brilliant and we need to support each other. I'm a wife and mother of two beautiful children. And i can't begin to explain how great it feels to be able to see my son off to school and be home with my 2yr old daughter. Well enough about my hubby and babies because i can write a book about that. I am now the proud business owner of Baby Diaper Cakes and beyond by LaTersa, YES, it is official. I have all the required licenses and forms that i need.
. I make handmade diaper cakes, towel cakes, and gift baskets for babies, brides, and any occasion. Going to a baby shower soon, well let me design your next diaper cake, or now anyone who is getting married, I can customize their beautiful wedding towel cake.
Stop by my website at www.diapercakesbylatersa.com and tell me what you think.
Also, follow me on my blog at www.diapercakesbylatersa.blogspot.com

I look forward to hearing from all of you!
I adore this idea. As women we need to support each other! I work for a wonderful new jewelry company called Stella & Dot. You can view our entire line here http://stelladot.com/tahnie

We have many affordable pieces perfect for holiday gift giving!

hi, my name is agil azzahra. I have one blog that provide all that mom and their children needed (article,e-book, baby game software etc). Don't worry, that's all for FREE.

I am a Gold Canyon Demonstrator, and I love their products! Including lots of different ( and seasonal ) Candles, flameless products including a Pod Warmer, Auto Fresheners, Room Sprays, bookmarks and much more!
If you would like to earn free products by hosting a "online party"..please send me a message!
visit me on my Candle blog at http://candlesinks.blogspot.com/ or my website at

I work part time and stay at home, in some of the spare time I get I crochet women's accessories and clothes and try to sell them, maybe there is no income because if I sell something I buy new tools or yarns, but at least this pays for my passion.

if you interested there is my website


thanks :)
I wrote a series of beautiful picture books about Arithmetic Village. They are a gentle introduction to basic mathematics. I also have a web site filled with lesson plans for parents, teachers and homeschoolers!
Please have a look!

Awesome idea! My name is Tree and I do work outside the home, but am also a PartyLite Consultant. I've been a huge fan of PartyLite for many years, and thought...why not join up, make money, and earn FREE products! It works perfectly into my busy schedule as a wife and mommy to 5 kiddos, and grandmom to 2 little girls. The parties are alot of FUN.... I get a night out away from the kids... and I'm paying bills and enjoying some extra spending money too.

Contact Me if you are interested in Hosting a Party (I can do Online Parties and Book Parties too), or would like to find out how to Join My Team and earn your own income and free products! Would love for you to stop by and follow me on my PartyLite blog as well, Calm ~N~ Scents, where you can get all the latest news, product updates, and enter my Monthly Giveaway! You could be my next WINNER!

Holidays are right around the corner, so is all the dinner parties and food you will be eating. And on New Years you will telling yourself why did I eat so much during the holiday season and I’m going to start the New Year off on loosing weight and getting healthy. Why wait until after the holidays?

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Contact me anytime for more information on our products or if you like more information on becoming apart of the Beachbody Family!




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