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5 Ways to Get Creative to Reduce Holiday Stress

The winter season is a time for people to visit with friends and family and enjoy winter festivities. Though this time of year is filled with joy and excitement, it can also be overwhelming and stressful. Holiday anxieties are common and may impact…

When Transferring Your Child to Another School is Already Necessary

To transfer or not to transfer?

Oftentimes, your kid will show signs of tardiness, desire to quit school or stress that can burn them out. But not all scenarios of wear down can be a reason to suddenly look for another school. Most of the time, these school-related stress…



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Being a wife, Mom, sister, friend, daughter... By the end of the day- sometimes I feel like my head is going to spin in crazy circles!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE to blog - and I'm looking for new inspirational Mommies out there who love to blog too! This is my sanity - and my most favorite hobby. if you love your blog as much as I love my own - lets share =)

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Happily following your great blog!

Here's mine:
I am loving your blog! I definitely followed, and thank you so much bc I saw you are now following me. :)
Hello Sheena!
I am following you.
Love your's nice to find other Christian mom bloggers out there! I'm following yours and would love for you to check out my blog at

Have a blessed day!
I'm following. Please return the follow!

I so LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! My favprite hobby in blogging too and changing my blog theme all of the time LOL! But anyways I am following you! Here's mine

Be Blessed
I just started blogging in July and I got to admit I absolutely love it. I just stopped by your blog and now I am a follower.
I would love for you to follow me too:
Very cute blog, nice pictures. I love your article about the Flu. I am following you!

I just launched 7 new sites :o)

My original is

I would love you to visit and follow.

They can be reached through the navigation bar depending on what you like...Personal Journal, Food & Recipes, Contests & Giveaways, Decorative Interiors, Other Stuff and Crafting & Selling.
I will swap. I will follow. Please follow me at

Hi there! Just checked out your bloggie. It is sooo cute. I'm following you now. Here is mine:

Have a great Thanksgiving!! We have so much to be thankful for.



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