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Hi, Ladies,
Maybe I just need to find a book called Stumble for Dummies. I have not really figured out how to stumble everyone's posts that I like if I don't see the stumble icon at the bottom of your post.

Can someone give all of us a tutorial please on the most efficient way to stumble each other. Should we all come up with the same system?

I don't see increased traffic from just having a link marked with a thumbs up. I only see traffic increase if someone actually clicks on my post and clicks on the stumble icon on the bottom of each post.

What is the difference other people are seeing in traffic from either being thumbs upped or stumbled?

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I keep hoping that it's just because I'm new but I don't get too much of a response. I'm still kinda new to this and I'm trying to get use to commenting, stumbling and participating in forums and message boards with everyone and still have time to work on my blog and all of my other writings I do. I stumbled your post from the icon under it and I've posted the icons underneath all of my post now too.
I'm going to google stumble and figure it out. I got stumbled yesterday and got 46 hits from it that I wouldn't have had without getting stumbled. How has it been for you when you get stumbled? It looked like you did it correctly.
I stumbled you can you please stumble me and see if this works Thanks
I have a stupid question. Healthy Mom posted the link above. So when I click on that link, and I select "Stumble" have I then just stumbled her link? Or have I just clicked onto the next thing to decide if I like it??

This is where Stumble Upon confuses the shit out of me. Pardon my French. But I don't want to think I just stumbled someone and really didn't do a thing for them. Healthy Mom, I clicked on the stumble button, then I went back and clicked on it that I liked it.

Amanda and I have put the stumble icon on the bottom of our posts. That way it's a guaranteed stumble. Will someone please enlighten me and let me know if I'm doing this correctly?

Thank you!!
a little late reading this but I did give you a stumble

Stumble is just one way to get backlinks to your site which Google uses to rank your site/page. The higher google ranks you, the better chances your site will be listed in the first few pages of search engines (assuming your site is keyword optimized). If google lists your site on the first few pages of its search, that will cause the increase in your traffic.

I do have the stumble icon as well as other social bookmarking icons at the bottom of each of my posts but in my experience, I stumble more if I see the stumble toolbar on top along with the post you want me to stumble. Kinda like this post for example:

See my sample here

If I see the thumbs up icon on top and I'm not in my own browser that does have the stumble toolbar, it's easier for me to click the thumbs up and more likely to stumble.
I love your sight, you got a thumbs up from me.
Tell me how you like this story:
We could always start a group on yahoo or something. Or a mailing list.
I don't understand what stumbling on someone is and how do you do it?
If you use Firefox, there is an addon called Add This. It gives you a stumble button on a toolbar. There is also just a stumble upon toolbar.
Moms, I've started the Syndication Moms group in my site.

Syndication Moms is basically a group that help each other cross promote their blog content among the social media network like Digg, StumbleUpon, BuzzThis, Delicious, Twitter, Facebook. Not only does it help your content seen, but it also helps with SEO as you're getting backlinks from these sites.

Every Wednesday, I'll open a forum indicated by that week (this week is Syndication Week 1) where each member leaves one post link they want syndicated. Then on Thursday, when all the member links are supposedly there, each one will have to do the following, when visiting each link:

1. Retweet it – this can be automated through your hoostuite/twitterfeed.
2. Share in Facebook
3. Submit to Digg
4. Stumble
5. Buzz this
6. Post to
7. Leave a comment

If this is something that interests you, join me at

Thank you very much for your time and I hope to see you there!



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