I am still new to blogging. I feel like I should have started earlier because so much happened in the first year of my daughter's life before I began blogging. Sometimes I feel like I'm trying to hard for some of my posts to come up with something to write about. I don't want to write things that will offend or upset my family so I try to steer clear of certain topics. My family is quite dysfunctional (the one I grew up in) and my husband's is quite the opposite - I feel like I walk a thin line sometimes when it comes to things I might want to write about. 

If anyone could provide me with some suggestions on brainstorming material I would really appreciate it. I plan on writing more posts about how I use essential oils since I'm a wellness advocate but so far I've only done one of those. If you could check out my site and give me feedback I would be happy to return the favor as well.

Thank you. :)

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I think you should write about what you know. It may be helpful to sit and brainstorm on those things that you feel strongly about, what is it about motherhood that you feel you are rocking and those things that you aren't so good at. What are your struggles as a stay at home mom, I am willing to bet you aren't the only SAHM that has those same issues, write posts about that. Don't force yourself to write just anything because quality far supersedes quantity. I would recommend  coming up with a schedule of your days to post, maybe even have a monthly theme. Hope this helps!

A great source of inspiration is to start checking out other people's blogs. See what they are doing. I'm sure you'll have some ideas of things you can do to help come up with quality content. Like Tiffany said, there may be themes like "Wellness Wednesday" where you offer up a tip on how to improve overall health. Good luck!  

hi there, I understand what you truly mean, but you know what? no topic is non sense, you could write anything even from your previous past experience, if there were moments in the past that it feels like you have so much to talk or share about, then that is already a good topic, blogging is not just about the present tense of what is happening in your life, it could be anything for as long as you have that urge to write about, I don't have any specific niche, as a mom, I talk anything in general, past, present or future, I also suggest to keep adding value to yourself such as reading books of any kind that you are interested to learn, in doing so, you you'll get more idea on what to write about, check it out mine.


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