Hello Ladies,
Anyone trying to move from full time work regular job to full time blogging/writing/free lancing? Is the secret in building a blog following?

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I am not an expert in this because I am currently trying to make blogging my main gig as well. But I have done a lot of research on the topic. Yes you need to have dedicated readers. But in order to get to that point you have to write quality content that people want to read or post pictures that people want to see. In order to get those people to see your great posts you need a way to get them to your site. Many pro bloggers suggest that you choose a few social media outlets and start marketing. They also say to keep followers you need a consistent blogging schedule. 

Thank you for replying! I think it is funny- the reason I want to make money doing this is so that I can be free to homeschool my 3 small kiddos. After checking out your website it seems like we have a great deal in common. Maybe we can team up to build our blogs together...I'm currently a middle school teacher, maybe we could swap guest posts? Or bounce ideas off each other?
Leanne Donaldson

That sounds great! Homeschooling is great. You get to see the passion for learn ignite in your child's eyes in a way you wouldn't otherwise experience.

I too am looking to make blogging a part of my income. I currently stay home full time with my two kids, but my family needs a little extra money. I feel like I have been researching until my mind explodes trying to find ways to promote my website. It's hard but I see a big difference now that I have organically promoted on different social media sites.

Hi Leanne,

We are all in the same boat! I've already left my full-time job to be at home full-time with my 3 children. I love blogging, so having it provide additional income would be helpful. Let's all keep in touch! We can give each other, support, guest posts, advice, and further encouragement. I believe we can do this! Good luck to you and all the other moms making this major change!

I've subscribed to your blog! Feel free to follow me




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