Hello to all! This site is a bit confusing for me and it is set up with my FB which that email I never check!


I am looking for new followers who genuinely want to read my blogs and also participate in any discussions.


I write about anything from parenting issues, relationship ideas and I am currently trying to get started in making my own engraved jewelry. I am so overwhelmed with the ideas and sometimes I feel like I discourage myself. 

I do not like to do follow for follow because I dont think it is an honest follow...I do however follow a lot of blogs, especially if it is other moms that speak of anything that has to do with parenting and crafts. 


I also blog about beauty, to the best of my knowledge and show off any photo shopping skills I have. 


If you follow me on blogger, pls be sure to let me know by messaging me or shooting me an email on the right hand side. Include a link to your page and I will most definitely take a look at it.



Myrna :)

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Hi there,

just followed your blog. I would love it if you would check out mine!


Melissa said:

Hello, all!  I am looking for genuine followers, too.  I love to share info with people and I hope they are getting some use out of it!  I try to comment whenever I find someone's post useful or interesting.  I will check out some of your blogs.  My friend and I blog at:




I just followed you:) I would love it if you checked out my blog at http://simplethoughtsonthings.blogspot.com

Blueberry Bites said:

Ill check out your site :)


Hi Myrna,


Hope you are well.  I am new to blogging as well. I feel that I have a million things running around in my head. There is so much new information everyday.   I am always up for some beauty tips. I feel with motherhood beauty went out the door.  Wishing you great success and look forward to reading your blog.




Hello Myrna,

I tried to follow you but I can't b/c you have your page set to private. Please accept me as a friend so that I can see your blog.

Greetings Myrna!  You're blog sounds really interesting.  I too have opinions about everything and want to get it off my chest.

I'll definitely be reading your blog.  Mine is about eating healthy.  I provide recipes for healthy snacks to replace the harmful ones that line up our supermarkets.  Here's a link:




hey all!

I cant wait to read your blogs too, I would love the follow back as well!



I completely understand what your saying. I currently have only one follower (just started again) But hoping to get more people to READ what I write. I don't want numbers. :-)

Also I'm new to this site where do I find where to check yours out at?

I found it. :-) But since you asked for genuine followers I don't think I could live up to that. Seems like a lot of what you blog about I really have no input on(not a girly girl when it comes to make up also still trying to figure out where to find the time to even put it on when I have a 10 month old :-P. Your blog though is amazing I must say. :-). love those desgins on your nails I will check on it from time to time because there are a few things on it I did like.

Ariel said:

Also I'm new to this site where do I find where to check yours out at?

I'm looking for followers as well.  http://mommie2times.blogspot.com/

I'm also very interested in genuine followers who will continuously be active and respond to my posts, because I certainly will do the same on their blog. A 'one time' response is one thing, but I'm more interested in really forming an active community with others. I will certainly be stopping by some blogs in this thread!


PhotoMom: Mommy Life. Inspiration. Photography.


I know exactly what you mean. I want more followers and readers but I don't think it does much good if they follow just to have me follow them. It's kind of a dead end. 

I just wanted to say goodluck in your journey. I'll be checking out your blog. Feel free to check out mine. http://mychildcenteredlife.blogspot.com/


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