Hello to all! This site is a bit confusing for me and it is set up with my FB which that email I never check!


I am looking for new followers who genuinely want to read my blogs and also participate in any discussions.


I write about anything from parenting issues, relationship ideas and I am currently trying to get started in making my own engraved jewelry. I am so overwhelmed with the ideas and sometimes I feel like I discourage myself. 

I do not like to do follow for follow because I dont think it is an honest follow...I do however follow a lot of blogs, especially if it is other moms that speak of anything that has to do with parenting and crafts. 


I also blog about beauty, to the best of my knowledge and show off any photo shopping skills I have. 


If you follow me on blogger, pls be sure to let me know by messaging me or shooting me an email on the right hand side. Include a link to your page and I will most definitely take a look at it.



Myrna :)

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I also prefer genuine followers as well. I don't do blog hops because most of them require you to put their button on their page. I don't want my blog crowded with ads, unnecessary buttons etc. I have found that people have a tendency to be lurkers and may not comment. They may enjoy what you write but for whatever reason will not comment on your blog. Well that's what I like to tell myself LOL! I'm going to continue to write whether people read it or not. My blog is a highly niched blog so it may never reached the overwhelming success that a lot of other blogs enjoy and I'm OK with that. If you're interested in checking my blog out, it's located at

I would love to follow you, I comment as often as I can. I have a pretty demanding schedule but I always visit when someone takes the time to comment and I do follow back. I am at



I think forming blog relationships is so much like forming personal relationships. I don't have a single subscribed reader to my blog - and comments are few and far between (can you guess, my blog is new). Right now I"m focusing on writing content, promoting that content on my FB page, Pinterest and Twitter and waiting with fingers crossed that my following will start to build.

That being said, I have started to slowly build real relationships with the authors of the blogs I follow. I give genuine comments on their blogs, follow them on FB, twitter and via RSS. I've contacted them to let them know I am a dyed-in-the-wool fan. Most see that I'm really a part of their blog community and if my blog suits their tastes, become part of mine. Getting readership is hard. My own mom doesn't subscribe to my blog. (sheesh, right?)

I participated in my first blog-hop this week. I gained two new twitter and facebook followers. It took me almost 3 hours to do all the things necessary to meet the terms of the hop. Not a very good ROI in my opinion. However, I'll do one or two more just to see if that changes. A/B testing and all that jazz.

I believe part of my problem is that I'm "giving too much away" on facebook and twitter. They have no need to go to the blog. If anyone knows how to get around this and still maintain interaction via social media - I'm all ears. Seriously. I haven't figured this one out yet.

Looking forward to your feed back and will go check out some of the blogs from you ladies above. :) Feel free to do the same if you'd like.Code Red Hat - Survival Skills for the Modern Mom


Leah @CodeRedHat

Hey Myrna,

I totally get where you are coming from! I just dont get the follow and I will follow you back thing!

I just read your blog and seems like a lot of fun.

I just started blogging and it is turning out to be a lot of fun.

Hope you like mine back too :)

I tried following Myrna's blog but it seems as if it is down. I would love to follow and be followed by some of the fellow bloggers up here.

My blog is Mama's Vivacious Family
My twitter Twitter

I completely agree with what you are saying. I was thinking this tonight as I scrolled through posts on how to gain followers. I don't want just numbers, I want people who will interact and enjoy my blog as well. :) I am going to check out your blog now :)

Hi all

I just went over to Myma's blog and I could not see anything as well. Here's my blog, do hop over and see if you like anything there. :) It is very new, so I welcome any feedback for improvement.



Hi! I'm Shelby, a twenty-something stay-at-home momma to a great little guy, Oliver. Come check out my blog at :: It's Always Sonny :: And learn all about our family, parenting adventures & mishaps, DIY, recipes & read Oliver's journal!

Hi ladies, I was just thinking about this follow-for-follow thing and I agree that it may not be the best way to get genuine readers for your blog. I started out that way when I joined MBC, but I can see where that could get difficult because then you have so many blogs to keep up with. I have been blogging for several months and have a nice little following but would love to have more people who are genuinely interested in my blog for its content. I'm a stay-at-home mother of two young children and I write about our daily life at home, including my interests in crocheting, sewing, reading, cooking, baking and gardening. My blog focuses on the small details and pleasures of everyday life. I try to be positive and upbeat in my writing. If you think this sounds like a blog you would enjoy following, I would love to have you stop by and visit me. :)

My blog: thistlebear

I would love to increase my readership as well. I am finding it a bit difficult. I do like coming on to the site and reading other blogs.  I have found some great blogs. I normally keep track of the blogs that I join and try to comment on them at least once every other week until I just never hear from them.  I love having tons of blogs to read and respond too.



Dear Mommies, check this out for some very cheap, stylish and unique designs and Baby Shower invitation cards!

Great site. 

Don't Tell Anyone said:

Dear Mommies, check this out for some very cheap, stylish and unique designs and Baby Shower invitation cards!


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