Hello fellow mommy bloggers,

I am starting this discussion as I am looking to FOLLOW good blogs out there!  That's right!  I want to subscribe to your blog!

I am launching my brand new blog June 1st -, and I would like to have a growing list of blogs that I am subscribed to so that I can utilize that information in my posts, possible guest posts in the future, possible serious I would like to start, etc.  But in order to do that, I need people to follow!

I will read each blog and only subscribe to those that have great content, relatable posts, etc.  As my blog is about being "real" in the mom world, I want to make sure I give my readers what they are asking for.

So - drop you site below (actual site) and I will stop on by and subscribe.

(Would love if you would stop by my site as well and give me your feedback!)

Thanks in advance!

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There are some nice blogs rich in content you can use for your new blog (By the way, I wish you good luck).

Here are my recommendations:

newbornsplant - plenty of smart tips for raising babies, you will find there information on how  feed babies, breastfeeding topics, diapers, pacifiers and more 

momtricks - numerous blogs on your topics

One more:

This is also a website with a collection of blogs on for mothers to babies.

If you ask me, just type mothers blog on google and you will find plenty of materials and sources.

Good luck and please do update about your progress


Great we could build a small community as well. Why dont you take a look at this?

Take a look at what these, share,and follow. I would do the same. 


Hi Jacklyn,

Your ideas are awesome, I hope I can be part of it. You might want to visit my blog "Mom Bureau". It offers recommendations on parenting hacks, personal motherhood guides, and promotes healthy and well-rounded living for moms.

Hello beautiful souls,

I'm relatively new myself but am loving it.  Check me out at

Keep up the great work!



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