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I am new to blogging and trying to gain followers, just like you. I post photo tips that are geared to the mom snapshooter in the family. And I am working on freebies too! If you follow me, I will definitely follow you. I am also doing the under 100 Follow Me Group and it seems to be working. I highly recommend that group. Thanks!

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I'm not on blogger, so I can't actually "follow" you, but I did add your RSS to my google reader! Love the blog and photography focus.
Thanks Alli! stacie

So glad I found your blog! Just got my first DSLR and photoshop, so I'm having tons of fun. Looking forward to getting to know you!
Hi Molly, nice to meet you. pls let me know if you have any questions about your DSLR. what did you get? stacie
Sounds like we have lots in common! I post about photography frequently on my blog and would love to have you follow me! I'll be sure to follow you back.
Hi Angie, following you now. nice blog! stacie
Hi! Ive been following you for some time now.

You have a great website. By the way, do you think you'll be hosting any games, like lets say, your topic for the week in composition, so you ask us to enter a picture that we think has good composition, you then give us feedback? I only ask because I'm always looking for sites like that lol
That's a great idea Nori. I am trying to come up with freebies, and games would be fun too. Let me get back in the groove after being gone for ten days and I'll post something and drop you a note too! thanks for the idea. stacie
Love your blog! I am a novice photographer for sure and I really like your tips. I'l following it.. though not through the blogger friend thingy since I am on wordpress now. I'm constantly looking to improve my photography since I use a lot of pics on my blog :) Oh and I really like Nori's idea!
Hi, yes, I hope to post something soon on Nori's idea. I love the community here! thanks for following, and I'm checking out your site now. stacie
How do I follow? I did add you to my google reader!
excellent! if you have a gmail account, or a google account, you can follow. otherwise, what you did is the right thing. thanks!


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