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What is the most effective way to drop that baby weight? How about what have you done to get rid of extra skin and stretch marks?

Please share your experience below. 

How long did it take you to lose the weight you wanted? 

Are there moms out there who are still struggling with weight loss? ME TOO! 

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As a mother, I always found it challenging to lose weight after having a baby. But with consistent effort, you can definitely achieve it. I didn't breastfeed to my first baby, but when I started breastfeeding with my second child, I noticed that I am losing weight. Yes, breastfeeding is the best way to lose weight. However, it is essential to take proper care of your own diet during breastfeeding.

Similarly, appropriate intake of water, low carbs diet and small meals could also be good options that you can choose with belly and legs workouts. If you ask my experience, then I found that diet is the key. As a working lady, I didn't have enough time to plan my daily meals, that's why I picked weight loss meal plans from here https://www.mealkitadvisor.com/best-meal-kit-delivery-weight-loss. You can also choose them to avoid meal planning headache. 

Though many creams are available to remove pregnancy stretch marks but I saw effective results of using laser therapies and surgical treatments. In this regard, you should act upon the advice of your doctor.

After two children and being a bit out of shape it's hard to find something that will fit and smooth down even a full-figured woman. Because I'm a full-figured woman and I wanted to look curvier in my family photo. It definitely not only fit great but was slimming and easy to put on. It really holds my shape and I also bought one more waist trainer to help me burn more tummy fat! I recommend Nebility shaper https://www.nebilityvip.com/collections/shapewear, the nice service there helped me find the correct size:)


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