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Who all has made the trip to see Santa and let your children spill their wish list? :)

We have and my youngest daughter stood faraway to say her list, but my older daughter just loved sitting on jolly santa's lap :)

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My daughter is past sitting on Santa's lap now, but when she was younger it wasn't until she was about 4 that she was even willing to go up to Santa...and only a certain Santa. I have pictures of my very unhappy daughter with Santa for too many years. But I also have some very sweet pictures of her with the Santa that she loved. She never did tell Santa her secrets though.

I think it all really depends on your child's personality. Every kid is different.
I haven't made the trip yet... and I'm running out of time!
We haven't yet. I'm not sure how they'll react to it, I don't want to be the mom with kids screaming in terror at the sight of Santa. LOL


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