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Hi Everyone! I am somewhat new to blogging; and now that I've started, not only is it addicting, but I am now considering re-focusing my business. I was going to start a general proofreading business; however, upon seeing the professionalism and dedication that mom bloggers have, I am now considering focusing my proofreading business to mom bloggers.

Services that I might provide include proofreading every post (could charge on a monthly basis), and proofreading archives (including menus, layout, etc).

Anyways, many of you have been blogging for much longer than myself and I'm wondering if you think there is a market out there for this business? Please be honest, obviously. I'm getting all excited about this potential opportunity, but if no one would ever pay for it, I don't want to waste my time, kwim? Thank you so much!


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Do you offer proofreading service for only blogs or also good at dissertation proofreading? Actually, my husband usually takes dissertation proofreading help from here to approve his academic papers but nowadays, he wants some quick proofreading that's why I asked. However, it's really good if you starting your business again. 

If your service is only available for bloggers then you should contact with different bloggers and ask them for proofreading service. Usually, they are in search of good editors and proofreaders. 


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