At my wits end with my 8 yr old, who my 4 yr old copies. She is a carb child. Won't eat anything unless its white thing. I have tried any and everyting I feel like. Today's blog post "Hurry Up Friday" reflects my fears and frustrations with this. Any and all suggestions are appreciated.

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Tell your children that they get a wish for every new food they try? My mother-in-law used to play this game with my kids and they loved it. You could also try making mealtimed fun by having a chopstick night - no knives and forks allowed. And lastly, tell them that they have to try a food at least 15 times before they can officially say that they don't like it (and that is a scientific fact....I think)!

Good luck, 

Sophie --

That is really a great idea. I love it! 

I can soooo relate to your dilemma.  My kids are a bit older now BUT when they were younger it was so tough to get them to eat anything, french fries and cheese burgers......It was a nightmare.  One thing that I did find that worked was to let them help in the meal planning and to also help prepare the meal.  Some how my kids were more open to trying things if they had a hand in helping to make it.  I know your kids are younger but maybe giving them a few small "helping" jobs to do around the meal might be helpful??  I know it can be frustrating.....HUGS! 

My daughter had reflux as a baby and as a result has always been very picky. It is what lead to my investment in my health more than ever before. I can get her to eat more now, but check out some of my toddler friendly muffin and bread recipes,loaded with nutrition to help! I think you'll enjoy them too.

I don't have a problem getting my daughter to eat healthy, she loves fruits and veggies, I have trouble getting her to eat. She doesn't eat much meat, she doesn't like the texture. If it is bacon or chicken then she will.  I give her a few options at meal times and let her pick. Sometimes I will add veggies in sauces and desserts so my hubby will eat them. 

For example, have you tried to give the kid avocado mashed together with coconut milk and cacao to replace nutella? In this way she will get healthy fat.

Smoothies save the day for us. I mix in the healthy stuff when the kiddo isn't looking :) 

Have them cook with you :-) If you make it fun to participate in making the meals, they will look at the food differently... AND as a bonus, they might LIKE cooking and keep on helping :-) I have an 11 year old and he LOVES to cook. When he was just 4-5 years old, he sat on the kitchen table and helped me pour and measure. We gave the meals funny names like "Monster Soup" or "Eddie Spaghetti and Meaty Beaty balls"... Adding fruit color to eg. a wholegrain bun to make it red or the soup green will surely also be a hit ;-)

I hate to say it, but we have literally bribed our children with $1 for every time they try something new. It works for our 3 year old and he majority of the time winds up liking and even sometimes loving what he tries. Unfortunately, our 5 year old is not buying it. He doesn't care about making extra money. He says he has too much anyways and needs to give it away. Ha!!!!

Such a tough situation; you've gotten some great suggestions so far. I really love the cookin one. That's huge in my family.

I'm very passionate about healthy eating and teach them about making healthy choices constantly. When they make healthy choices on their own, I use positive reinforcement heavily. They really enjoy making their own options based on knowledge they've learned.

Pat home my kids don't have any other options. I'm stringent when it comes to food. You eat what I cook or don't eat.

I never keep white bread or white pasta in the house. Sure they'll order it out every now and then, but at home or in school lunches, Whole grain is the only option.

If it were me, I would get every unhealthy thing out of the house and only keep healthy options. They'll learn to love it and it won't take very long.

There are a million recipes online that taste really great and are healthy. We make awesome whole grain blueberry muffins. my 8 yo makes these almost alone.

Good luck!
And I am not above bribing either....a dollar a serving, a special dessert, a nickel a bite...whatever works!


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