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I have a blog I've started that addresses many things, but when asked to describe my site, I call it a blog "with a sense of humor."  When you are the mother of teens (my daughters are 14 months apart and are currently 17 and 16 and I have a son who is 12) who just have to laugh at the craziness of it all.  

I was wondering if there are any other Moms out there to middle schoolers, high schoolers and college bound children?  

Julie McGuire

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My daughter turns 16 on Thursday. I just posted a blog about her. :-)
I love your blog and your terrific sense of humor. Not sure if you had a chance to look at my blog, but it looks like we have the same attitude! I did find a Moms of Teen group on this site.

I am now following you! Good luck on your writing! It was a joy to read!

Julie McGuire

Hi Julie!!

And here I thought I was being so original!! .I recently started a blog with a friend of mine about being a full-time working mom of teenagers.  She has one in college and one applying to college.  I have one leaving for college and one entering high school.  i am following you and would love the follow back. 




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