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Hi Everyone!!

I started blogging in January and noticed that alot of bloggers are of Mom with little ones.  I love reading these blogs and wish I would have been able to blog when my boys were young!!

I haven't found too many other bloggers with teenagers and/or a young one as well!

I have 4 boys ages 22, 19, 17 & 9.

Looking for new friends with children of any ages but would especially be interested in those with the same situation as mine!!


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I will be a mom blogger of teens....in 13 years ;-)

I will follow your blog tho...to see what I have to look forward to!
lol....thanks! That's a good way to see what you have coming!! :))
Hey there! Fellow blogger with "older" kids -- my fourteen year old starts high school in the fall and my 12-1/2 year old has had the teen attitude since he's 9! Looking forward to following your blog!

hi,i have 6 kids, 21and a half,almost 19,turning 16,6,4 and 2. 4 girls and 2 boys,i feel for ya ,wanna swap tales?
My oldest, a daughter, is 14 ........... ahhh the fun of teenage girls! She has 5 brothers and 1 sister that will follow suit as the years go by lol. The boys are 11, 8, 5, 2 and 3 months and my other girl is 3. I can typically be found blogging as I sit lounged on the couch nursing the youngest.
i started a discussion on it here and on twitter moms.i have 6 kids. 21,18,15,6,4 and 2 4girls and 2 boys.oy
okay, now I'm re starting potty training! It was so easy the first time around, I have found with my last 3, it is harder. Why? Pressure! All you hear is " trained by 2, trained before 2", I hate braggers! Kudos to those who succeed, but, I have found with my ' old ' age, I just don't have the patience or time. My teen son has a busier love life than me, the 6 yo has a split personality and the 4 yo , well she's just Madison.
I believe the time and energy spent on my 1st 3 has really taken it's toll on me , my body and my nerves. What is the big deal on potty training anyway? My 6 and 4 yo were toilet trained by 4, now they used the potty on and off but by 3 and a half, they both were using the toilet, by themselves.
I now believe in patience, you know, it'll happen when it's time, if not; we spend too much time focusing on 1 thing while other things slide.
I have never been a ' follower' but a rebel in parenting, my way may not be on par with some moms but , it saves my sanity.
Do our younger children take advantage of us? Yes. Because they see our frustration with the older ones and expect to have their demands met NOW. Do I give in, sometimes. I know, positive behavior, but, after a day of struggling with teens and tots; you are at your wits end and are on your knees begging Calgon to take you away and never bring you back.
So, how do we balance the family as a whole , or do we balance them by age groups? I am a firm believer of the whole family sitting down to dinner, but have found that it didn't work, oh it worked with them when # 4 and 5 were infants but as the teens got older, it got alot harder to do this. Now, they eat in shifts, again it saves my sanity. Are there any other moms who non conform? Please dish!


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