What is your favorite beverage of choice in the morning? 

  • coffee
  • tea
  • water
  • juice
  • soda
  • energy drink

We're slightly partial to a good old fashioned cup of coffee in the morning. What about you? What wakes you up and gets you going?

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I have to have my coffee in the morning. I don't drink sodas (cut those out in January to start losing weight and down 11 pounds) so the only caffeine I get is from my coffee. But I drink mine black like my daddy did. I never drank coffee until I lost my Daddy and I think it makes me feel connected to him still and he has been gone 20 years.

That's great news about cutting soda out and losing weight! Congrats. And what a lovely story about your dad.

Hands down, coffee!!!! My day just doesn't feel right without it. Other than that, I really only drink water.

Coffee with creamer here, it has been a routine that I can make coffee even half asleep..A cup of coffee is the start of my day..mid-day I make lemon water to fully wakes me up and get going with my day.

I have to a pop in the morning just enough to start me off.

Definitely coffee! I need the caffeine. :)

I drink a cup of hot tea with lemon in the mornings. And then all day I drink iced tea. I'm on a weight loss journey and having that first thing in the morning is supposed to help.

I start the day off with a glass of hot water with lemon.  Less exciting than tea but more exciting than plain H2O.

Coffee! I feel like my day doesn't start until I have my first cup. 

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I prefer coffee...but a soda or energy drink helps too.


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