Winters are almost here, and my favourite weekend hobby is watching movies. I wouldn't say I am a fan of a particular kind of film because I love to watch all genres according to my mood. In this thread, I am going to share my list of films that I shortlisted from different genres. In the same token, I would also like to know your thoughts about the streaming devices because I am considering to buy one this weekend. 

Motivational Movies: No doubt, inspirational movies always give us hope and motivate us to achieve big goals in life. The first movie that I picked to watch is "The Secret". Indeed, it is a documentary film but tells you about the secret law of attraction and success. I heard a lot about it from distinct motivational speakers, and hopefully, I would love to watch it. Similarly, '127 Hours', 'The Blind Side' and 'Life of Pi' could be good additions to my list of motivational movies. I would also like to know your suggestion about motivational films.

Action Movies: It would be totally wrong if I would say I am not a fan of action movies. Since childhood, I love to watch movies that are full of action and adventure. If I talk about the recent action movies, then though I have watched 'Black Panther' that's why I would like to pick movies like Black Panther for my action movies genre. I also heard good reviews about Blackhat and Drug War. Probably, some Korean film like 'The Man from Nowhere' and 'A Bittersweet Life' could be pleasant inclusions in my queue list. Moreover, I am also trying to watch Greenland online, but unluckily I didn't find any free source to watch it. 

Horror Movies: I have almost watched all the horror movies of 2019 in this quarantine, but yes, there are several new options. For the horror genre, I am thinking to watch the second part of 'Quiet Place', Antebellum and 'The New Mutants'. 

Romantic Movies: Though for many years, I didn't prefer to watch romantic movies because I don't think real romance exists in them, but there are still some movies which I could watch. I have watched 'Howl's Moving Castle', but yes I would like to watch it again. You can also suggest me another Ghibli movie that belongs to the romance genre.

Right Streaming Device

Now, we should talk about one of the most advanced streaming devices to watch all of the exciting and attractive movies. In the beginning, I was about to pick Apple TV, but after reading this comparison of Amazon Firestick and Roku, I am thinking to pick any of these devices. Do you think these are better than Apple TV? By the way, I am preferring Firestick because of the gorgeous interface and support of various platforms. It is also easy to subscribe to a quality IPTV service with Firestick and other devices. I am thinking to use this IPTV service because its video quality is outstanding and offer numerous channels and on-demand videos including movies, TV series etc. But, yes, it would be great if you share your thoughts in this regard. 

In short, I shared my list of movies for these winters and if you know good movies and streaming devices then don't forget to share them by commenting below. Waiting for your suggestions.

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