OK, let's hear it! What goals or resolutions do you have planned for your mom blog? Are you vowing to blog more consistently, with better posts, and more creative ideas? Or, are you resolving to finally become a review blogger with major inside connections with PR firms? Do you plan to land a blogging job with a major media company, or even turn your blog into a book proposal? Yes, it has happened before. What about doubling your traffic? Or, gaining more subscribers?

What's in store for your mom blog in 2009?

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I like how the blog is going and so I don't feel I have any "bad habits" or anything to resolve to change. But I do have blog to-dos and goals for 2009.

1. I'd like to get a header design, as well as a button and icon
2. I want to get a better photo of me for the profile
3. I want to write at least once a week about the best books we experience
4. I want to include more photos

I guess in terms of a resolution it is to stay very focused and on topic. I stray a little bit here and there.

I also want to read a couple blogging books in 2009. I was tempted to attend BlogHer or the BlissDom conferences, but I'm kind of an introvert, it would be a fairly large expense, and it would be hard to leave my family at this time.

I think with the traffic, etc. it will just happen. Build it and they will come.... so I'm not really thinking about increasing the number of visitors as a specific goal but I think it will grow naturally over time.

That's not just one goal or plan --- sorry!!! The biggest is getting help with the design.


Mommy's Favorite Children's Books
Great question Jennifer!

1. I've just started at Rocky Mountain Moms Blog, so I want to devote more time to doing creative non-fiction writing over reviews.
2. I want to get better at writing reviews and may take a writing course to help with that.
3. I want to make more money doing social media consulting.
4. I want to increase readership so I can make more from ad networks and sponsors.
5. I want to start doing an enewsletter for at least one of my blogs, but finding time to do that has been hard.
6. Since I'm so pressed for time, I need to prioritize better. Should I take on another product or book review? Or would my time and blog be served better doing other things? (It's so hard to turn down cool things to review! I do like trying new products.)
7. I need to revamp my freelance writing website into a pure social media consulting site and make sure my LinkedIn profile reflects that. I haven't done marketing copywriting for awhile, so what's the point of listing that?

I'm sure there's more, but this is a good start for now.
1. I would like to turn my blog more into a lifestyle mag.
2. Increase traffic hopefully advertising on Google.
3. Start contacting PR companies I've been working with to start promoting adspace.
4. Continue to review products and sponsered giveaways/contests.
My goal is to use my blog to find other moms of terminally-ill children as to create a support system.
To stop making it work (I have another job) and just have fun. No more tasks lists, no more have to get this done. I do not make any money from my blog and have never tried to. I doubt that I will this year although you never know with the way the economy is going. I want to just relax and not worry about traffic or numbers and enjoy blogging again.
If anyone's resolution involves having graphic design work done (logos, headers, banners, buttons, brochures, flyers, anything else under the sun), feel free to contact me at elementdesigner {at} gmail {dot} com and check out my portfolio:

For my own blog, Green Your Decor, here are my resolutions:

1. Increase my traffic to at least 5,000 unique visitors per day
2. Increase reach as an "expert" in the eco-friendly home decor field
3. Increase revenue from eco-friendly home decor consulting that is attached to the blog
4. Increase revenue from affiliate links, direct advertising and Adsense

I'm beginning to treat my blog as more of a business, and this coming year, I intend to make that business a profitable one.
I have a few plans for my blog for 2009. I want to increase my traffic and my subscribers, and work to make more money from advertisers.
One thing I have resolved to do is to get better about commenting on the blogs I love. I know how much I adore comments, so I am going to do better at sharing the love.

I also want to get better about my EC drops. I know I can do the full 300 a day, I just never seem to. I've found some great blogs this way, met some nice people too, so I don't know why it seems like such an overwhelming chore.

I'd really like to be able to do more giveaways, but have no idea how one finds companies to do giveaways for.

Mostly I just want to gain more readers. My blog is my outlet to the outside world, one of the few things this housewife really enjoys. I hope to meet some new folks and make new friends.

Figuring out how to earn some money with my blog would be nice as well.
I want to double my Technorati rating.

Host more giveaways. They're fun, easy, and really bring in the traffic.

Read at least 10 new blogs a day. The only way people can find you is if you find them. Whenever I comment on "new" blogs, I get not only the owner visiting back, but often other commenters who see me there.

That said, I also want to be much much better at keeping up with all the blogs in my reader. I feel really guilty about that.

Get back into my posting routine of writing in the late evening and scheduling posts for the next morning. Things went less smoothly when I moved away from that routine.
I've been away from the MBC for 2 months and I resolve to join back in the fun and get to reading more new blogs.
1. Update more!
2. Gain more readers.
3. Host some giveaways.

I guess that's all!
I would like more traffic, commenters, and maybe a makeover in 2009.


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