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My Non-Blogging Friends and Family Think Blogging Is.....

There is definitely a disconnect between those who blog and those who don't. What do your non-blogging friends and family think about blogging?

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I can barely get my husband to look at my blog. I asked him to read my posts for typos, so that made him feel useful! Most people do not realize how time consuming it is. I get so excited about little successes and all I get from friends is "oh that's nice, anyway did you watch Idol?" NO I DIDN'T, I was blogging!!
Aside from my husand, sil and mil I don't think anyone else in my family or close friends know I even have a blog. I do think one of my friends has read it though. My mom can't understand the concept of facebook, as in, "why would you want to tell all these people things about your life?" The people on fb are ones I know IRL so she would really flip her lid if I told her I was writing daily posts about our life to complete strangers! I'd also probably get the whole "these people are going to hunt you down and kill you"

That's pretty interesting Kim. In a few years, people will understand blogging a lot better because I think its going to be more commonplace. I know so many people that are blogging now that weren't a few years go.

I actually had to give my mom a quick tutorial on blogs, because she didn't quite get it either.
For those that have an understanding of how powerful the internet is, they understand why I would want to be included and think that it is cool that I have a blog. For those that are less computer oriented, they just don't understand. They don't use the computer much and don't find the need to take time to read blogs. I agree with others on here, it does seem that your friends and family can be the least likely to participate. I have great on-line blogging friends; like all of you!!!!
a waste of time...like I care!!!!!! :-)
My family actually reads my blog. :) It's kind of nice. My mom has started blogging and my sister in law is thinking about it. My sister just wishes she had more time to do it.

I have 2 aunts that read it to keep up with my family, 1 of them lives in Alabama and she loves how often I posts pictures of the kids so she can watch them growing up since we only see each other once a year.

I just haven't let my in-laws know about it because once a year or so there is a grumble grumble about them. :) It's actually ok, my one SIL who speaks English could care less about me and what I do.

Kind of nice to have my family supporting me in that area of my life.

My friends IRL didn't keep up with my blog much until I started doing reviews, now they stop by because they are amazed that I get to review the stuff that I do. That's kind of fun too.
One of my friend thinks that blogging is waste of time and it is tiring

My mom always asks "what do you get out of it?" When I tell her I like the community and I'm not trying to make money, she just rolls her eyes....It's really annoying to say the least. :)
Several say they love reading my posts. Others don't say anything & imply it's a waste of time. I have to say in the last 2 months (when I started blogging) I've made some good blog friends.

I'm glad I blog. And I'll continue to do it.
My fiance thinks it's great, mostly because he has witnessed first hand how much less stressed I am since I began writing. He always reads it and sometimes even comments.
My adorable mother is without a clue what blogging is, she thinks I'm going to get in trouble for product testing because "nothing in life is ever free". She also cannot figure out why so many people are telling their life stories to a screen, go figure on that. I love her!

My 11-year-old niece wants to me just like me, along with her 8-year-old sister! I ruined those kids! My sister is so happy with me!

I have a feeling that my non blogging family & friends could care less about reading mine or anybody else's blog for that matter. I dont push it on them though. I just do this for fun because I enjoy it and I like meeting others with my same interests (mostly crafting)


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