My Non-Blogging Friends and Family Think Blogging Is.....

There is definitely a disconnect between those who blog and those who don't. What do your non-blogging friends and family think about blogging?

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Alison, your friend will find out soon how HARD blogging is!!  You don't just start writing and everyone finds you like magic and there you go.  It's taken me over a year to develop my ~3000 followers (and that's when you aggregate Twitter, Facebook, email and organic logons!)  LOL I hope your friend is successful but there are much easier ways to get "freebies".
They pretty much just roll their eyes and nod their head like they think it's stupid. It annoys the crap out of me. I'm a new blogger and I can't wait to show them all that this is more than just something to do. I really love doing this!

Elizabeth, I'm in awe of you!  3000 followers in a year!  I'd love some pointers if you don't mind!!!  I've been blogging for almost 2 years and am no where near that number! 

Superm0m, I'm sure it's frustrating to have your family and friends think this is a waste of time.  It's not for everyone.  But if it's something you enjoy, then keep at it! 


Annegrete, looking forward to seeing your daughter's blog!  :)

Elizabeth, I would love to know too how u managed to get 3000 followers in a year? Any advice you can give me? I'm still new to blogging and I'd love any tips anyone can give me!

Well, I can tell you what I did.  I know I could have done better.  But here goes:


I am a founding member of a great coupon site called Hot Coupon World.  I have super friends there and the site is huge.  Initially my blog was a frugal (grocery) blog so I got a good jump start from them.  I have hooked up with several blogger groups like this one as well as getting myself listed on the state blog ( as a frugal blogger.  I also do giveaways and reviews.  Look on twitter for groups of bloggers in your niche or in your area (I'm not in Houston but Houston Area Bloggers comes to mind) because they really tend to take care of their own.  Attend twitter parties.   Basically, be present.  Be commenting and being social with other bloggers in places like this.  


Find a message board which centers around a topic that you write about a lot, and you can contribute there as well as possibly sharing your blog link in your signature.


Make sure that in your personal emails as well as your business emails, your signature has your blog link, your Facebook link, and your Twitter link.  I put something like: 

Elizabeth Ketchem

Coupons Make Cents - Savvy Shopping, Southern Style!

Follow me on Twitter!

Like me on Facebook!


I'm also doing a feature on my blog on Fridays that involves the local merchants in my small town, and they are very excited about it.   They're telling their friends, etc.  I've attended a blogging convention where I made some good connections and learned a lot about how to talk to PR folks, etc.  I also sell ad space on my blog.  I'm looking at doing a revamp soon because I need more "above the fold" space.

Anyhow, those are a few of the things I've done.  It's hard work and I bet I went 6-8 months with less than 1500 total followers.  It snowballed from there!

Thanks so much, Elizabeth!  I really appreciate you taking the time to share with us, your "secrets"!   Time is a huge issue for me.  I just don't know where the day goes, but it slips away without me getting much accomplished! I'm hoping that once school is out, I can get my nieces here to occupy the toddler so I can put some of your ideas into action. 


I already frequent a message board and have seen some traffic coming from the link in my signature.  But again, time to participate and contribute there, takes away from time I could be blogging.  I really need to get a schedule going!  Or hire a sitter!  :)


Thanks again for your tips! 

Have a great (rest of the) weekend! 



I think many of my friends don't realize how "big" blogging is!  I still get people asking, "What is a blog?".  I now just say that I own and run a website :)


It gets frustrating though when those close to me act like it's a hobby.  To me it is a business (albeit a fun one), but when I have lots to do, they just don't seem to get it.  


Others respect what I do, and encourage me...

I know what you  mean...I hate this!

superm0m877 said:
They pretty much just roll their eyes and nod their head like they think it's stupid. It annoys the crap out of me. I'm a new blogger and I can't wait to show them all that this is more than just something to do. I really love doing this!

For me, I haven't gotten to the "business" aspect of blogging yet.  Other than reviews/giveaways, I'm not getting anything out of blogging other than the creative outlet it provides.  But that's okay.  I'd love to turn it into a business, but it doesn't seem to be taking off for me, yet. 


It's funny, my husband and best friend both have realized that everything I do, I'm thinking of it in terms of "how can I blog this?"  and they are both very supportive, even to the point of sharing some ideas of their own!  My mom, too, is supportive, but had to laugh when I made us some watermelon punch to drink with lunch, but before I would let anyone drink it, I had to take some pictures first! 



They really don't understand it! My brother, sisters and bro-in-law think it's cool and love to read my blog but my extended family, not so much. I've explained what a blog is to my mom hundreds of times and she still asks me "What is this 'blog' again?"  Ah well! I have new friends and family in the blogosphere that know what it's all about!
Mostly they don't seem to understand it. :)

They think it's nice that I have something I enjoy doing. They are very supportive and I am grateful:)



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