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This is a desperate plea for advice. I am at the end of my rope. I love my DD but she is seriously testing my patience.


DD has never slept well, but recently she is getting up every two hours. I can get her back down by breastfeeding or giving her a pacifier, but I am so exhausted by morning I find it difficult to deal with her.


I have given her an extra blanket, a teddy bear with a hot water bottle, tried different positions in the crib but she still wakes up. When she wakes up she cries until I pick her up and then falls right back to sleep in my arms. I think she has gotten so used to falling asleep with me that she doesnt know how to fall asleep on her own.


I dont want to let her cry it out but I am getting to the point that I think that is the only thing that will work.


Please help!!



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Is she going through a growth spurt?! How's many months is she?! I gave my son the pacifier until he was about 2 months old then decided to get rid of it! I would slowly take it out of his mouth as soon as he fell asleep, if he woke up crying I would put it back in then, then take it out again! I did this for about 2 weeks (only at night) then decided to take it away altogether. I found the best trick is to put them down BEFORE they fall asleep, otherwise they don't get scared when they wake up in a strange environment! Also, I don't necessarily believe in crying it out BUT it might be a last resort. We used to put my son down and he would fuss on and off, sometime more, sometimes less, but then eventually fell asleep in his own. During the day he woke up a lot after the 40min mark but we would leave him to fuss himself back to sleep! By four months he was sleeping through the night, every night..he's 11 months now and we have NO issues (knock on wood!) I would do what's best for you, and if you choose the crying it out method, then that's YOUR choice and don't let anyone influence your mommy instincts!!!!

I went through this too - I am a softy and did not want to let my son cry it out - My husband kept pushing for me to let him cry it out.  Actually, it tore my heart out but I had to go on a business trip at around my son being 7 month old - across the us to California of all places, my son slept through the night for the first time the night that I was away.  My husband took a picture and sent it to me - I called him the next day and he said that Scott had slept through the night!  Now, I am not sure if my husband slept through or my son did - but whatever, it worked.

Then my second son rolled around and he is a great sleeper - I think it might have been the way I handled his initial crying tho - I was more comfortable letting him cry it out - so he learned very quickly that I was not going to give in.

Listen, just let him cry it out - you're not a bad mom if you do that - you are a GOOD mom either way - but a HAPPY mom is a GREAT mom, and to be a HAPPY mommy you need your sleep.  

Just do it!  It will take a few nights but next week you will be sleeping so well and will be happier and feel better and most importantly so will baby......she will realize that she can self soothe and that is very important think to teach your kids.  Don't get hung up all all of this dumb stuff out there that says you should not cry it out - that is the dumbest think I have heard.  You know your kids crys  and if she really needs you or is just taking advantage of mommy.

Good luck.  Let me know what happens.

Patty, owner

p.s. as plug for my website LOL - I carry stuff that I love and that works for me so you might want to try the bedtime wash that I have from Le BeBe coo - it is awesome, organic and calming too.

I am new to this site and I was looking through some of the older posts and came across this...I realize your daughter is a couple months older now.  I just wanted to point out one thing about crying it out.  At seven months your baby has been out of the womb less than she was in.  She truly does not know how to be with out you yet, and THAT IS OKAY, plus developmentally speaking an infant does not know how to manipulate...she is simply feeling something is wrong and is communicating the only way she knows how, and she is trying to get her mom to provide her comfort and relief.  I agree that a happy mom is better than a mom who wants to pull her hair out.  I just recommend remembering that she needs to be taught how to be without you, and I do think crying it out forces her to fall asleep due to exhaustion, thus breaking the trust bond that every mother should have with her child.  She will eventually stop crying to sleep it is true, but that trust that you want to build with her could be damaged.   I also agree with Lisa, that you should not second guess your mommy instincts...although it sounded like your instincts were pushing you towards not letting her cry.

I have two boys my youngest just turned 1, and I put my boys to sleep every single night until they were ready to go to sleep on their own.  My oldest son (age 4) needed me to put him to sleep (rock him as a baby, and lay with him as he got older) for the first couple years.  In the beginning it could last 45 minutes to an hour, but as he grew it took 15-20 minutes tops.  Now he goes to sleep completely on his own and has no point is if you respond to your babies needs regularly as an infant you are not spoiling her (fruit spoils not babies), you are setting the foundation for her to learn how to not fear sleep or being alone.  

Hope it all worked out for you!


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