Hi. I'm new to the club and have started blogging just this year. My blog is called  which is about all different topics from parenting my 2 boys to entertainment and current hot issues.  I don't get too much traffic and I wonder if it is because it is about various topics and not one niche.  Anyone have advice?  Also I'd love to meet some other blogger moms here.  Thanks!

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hello reena

just saw your blog , lot of different but interesting topics which i assume is close to you , i like them too, have bookmarked 

not to worry about traffic , blog for yourself the rest will follow

Thanks.  I checked out your blog and thought it was very interesting.  Will bookmark too

It depends Reena- I got 18,000 views in 3 days. Due to a media feature. So traffic can happen right away.

There are also other things you can do I'm on Triberr that helps promote your blogs posts a lot:)

Of course there are blog hops but sometimes those are more like "hey follow me" that doesn't really help.

I teach the women I work with to build an email list as well. As you do that then you don't have to rely as much on outside traffic eventually you'll create your own.

Also ping your posts each time that helps google find you. Look for Pinggoat or something like that ;)

I have a ton of free tips on my site Mompreneur Mogul.


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Thanks Lisa, I will definitely check out your site because I still only get less than 30 views on an average day so I don't even know if there is a point to paying to host my own site for money making opportunities.  You mentioned an email list- do you mean of your own friends?


i understand how you feel i just started recently blogging myself my blog is  feel free to check it out.  I also have a facebook page for my blog also which i am hoping will help get more traffic to it. i am reading your blog i think its awesome.  

Heather, I liked your FB page and thought your blog was great too.  Good luck to both of us.

Hi Reena -

Even if your blog is multi themed, try to drill it down as much as possible and keep it focused. Try to think of what questions someone who is visiting your blog might have and answer those questions the best you can. For example, you could conduct toy reviews and talk about how much your boys liked a particular toy, or not :o) Tie in the toys to current news or issues. Just try to make it all tie together somehow. And you could do this with just about anything, it doesn't have to be toys, just using that as an example. Does that make sense? I hope I don't sound bossy, lol ;o)

Also, I think the biggest thing I have learned about getting traffic to my blog is to not be afraid to say "NO". It's simply not possible to keep up with all of the "traffic methods" out there, and if you try, the overwhelm is enough to make anyone paralyzed with confusion. I tell my fellow blogging friends to keep it simple and stick to one or two things, and get really good at them before you even start to think about any other methods. The real key to success online is to put blinders on and filter out all of the "noise". If you can do that, you will be way ahead of other newbie bloggers.

That said, some great ways to get traffic are to comment on other blogs in your niche (5-6 or so is a good amount to aim for), Pinterest is really great too. Guest posting on other blogs in your niche and blog hops are other great ways as well. 

Just remember that whatever you choose, to stick with it and don't give up!

Your blog is very nice and I love the color scheme. One really great thing about your blog is that you have a definite opinion and you are not afraid to share it. This is one of the secrets to gaining a very loyal blog following ;)

You can stop by my blog if you'd like:

And I will follow you everywhere that I can!



I love the advice!  Thanks.  I was getting discouraged about the low following but maybe I shouldn't give up.  I will check your's out too.

Hi Reena! Saw your post on the main page so I decided to give your blog a looksie. Personally, I'm a fan of the way your blog is constructed. There's a little bit of everything and isn't that what a mom's life is lol a little bit of everything! Keep at it! :)

If you'd like to visit my blog as well it would be greatly appreciated

Thanks Misty, 

I really liked yours too! Keep it up.

You are right you cannot run ads normally on the Free version of wordpress. It's easy to switch to the paid version though. As far as traffic if you write some topics that not only share your life but give tips to others that will help drive more traffic to your site. People like content that is useful to their life. So try adding toy reviews that your kids love and why you think other parents and kids will like those too, or favorite movies or things like that :)

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