I got a reply from a pitch email I sent and they want to know the amount of facebook, twitter, email subscribers I have.  (I'm banking on them backing out once they find out how little I still am. lol)  But my question is, how do I find out how many email subscribers I have (if any)?


And if you have any tips on pitching yourself when you're still little, let me know! :-)


Thanks in advance.

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If you have a feedburner account, that is where you will see your number of email subscribers...  You can go here to see that:  http://feedburner.google.com/fb/a/myfeeds


If you don't have email set up, go to optimize and set it up there.


Hope this helps...  Good Luck!

They are probably looking to see if you have a mailing list where you send frequent mailings (newsletter, specials, etc.).  A lot of people (including myself) use Aweber for this so if you don't have that or another service you're using to send regular mailings you are probably going to answer zero for that question.

If you don't know how to check it, it may be because you don't have anything set up to check!


If so, it's super easy to set up feedburner. Just go check it out (the lovely Sharon above left you a link!) and follow the instructions... When I got started a few months ago, I was a bit overwhelmed, since i am very technically challenged! :) But it is simple. Then, you can add a "Subscribe" box to your blog, and people can enter their email and sign up to get a daily update of your blog posts! Easy peasy.


Also, once you get it set up, you can go in and adjust it a bit. I've only done some minor changes, and am still learning. But you can set what time of day that you would like your email update to go out, that type of thing.


Hope this helps a little bit! And my advice for talking to sponsors: Tell them you're a small but GROWING blog! Tell them that your smaller amount of fans and followers are very dedicated and interact with you a lot (if true, of course) or that you are quickly growing a following because of your funny outlook/honesty/expert knowledge, whatever it is. Try to put the focus on what you ARE doing great, and how that is bringing you new faces every day, and make the sponsor excited to be one of the first to work with an "up and coming" blog :) Good luck!!


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