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Having furry companions is probably the best experience for people who love animals and constant companionship. Pet ownership involves a lot of sacrifices, responsibilities, and memorable moments. As you receive emotional fulfillment from your pets, you should return the favor by keeping them safe and healthy, as…


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So my friends have a vacation home they want to redecorate. They gave us their unused fold away bed/couch. It is in great shape but it smells like their house and we can't stand it. It's not super stinky, just kind of unpleasant.

Any ideas on how to get rid of the smell? 

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I like to use vinegar to help eliminate smells. Seems a little counter intuitive, but the vinegar smell dissipates pretty quickly. A light spray of it may help.

Maybe open it up and lay it outside to get some fresh air and febreeze the heck out of it. 

we agree with the Febreeze idea.

I'd start with a vinegar and water spray (like 1:4 parts) spray that all over and then let it air dry.  If that doesn't do it then try sprinkling with baking soda all over.  Let it sit overnight and then vacuum.  Should do the trick, but you may have to repeat a couple of times to remove any lingering odors.

Just don't do it as a combo or else you'll have a foaming mess.

These are great ideas! I can't take it outside because it weighs a ton but I can open it and spray and sprinkle it. 


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