OK, well I'm getting that on my own - but I need writing mental health help. I'm in such a writing funk these days. I keep saying that I'm going to sit down and write, but something always comes up.

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How do you kick yourself in the butt and get writing when you are in a rut/funk/hole/aggrevated-no-writing-slump?

Please give me some writer's mental health help!

w/a AJ Best

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Sometimes, I just sit and write about whatever is going on in my life. Pretend you are talking to a friend and then just start typing. That gets the juices flowing. I find that I then start to get ideas that branch off of my little writing rant or vent..lol.
I'm in the middle of a book - and should get it written. I've showed the outline to my publisher and she says it's rock solid. But....alas the brain doth fart!
Hello Tami,

I truly despise when I go through these funks, but we all do. I find that they revolve around my cycle. The only way that I know how to get through them is to concentrate on the business side when I don't feel like writing and if the slump continues, I force myself to start writing, anything and everything.

It actually is a good time to break out of your comfort zone and write about something you normally wouldn't or write Fiction.

The important thing is to break through it and try not to sabotage your writing.

In fact, I am going through a huge slump right now and made a conscious decision to not write for one week. It helped, I think, to walk away from it, even though I have felt very depressed without it. '

Hopefully, when I return from spring break I will be ready to hit it again with a fervor, hopefully!!!
I hope you get that fervor back again too. I know I miss my old writing group. I had someone then to feel accountable to, and I initiated "homework" that we would work on during the month and come back with next meeting. I miss that structure, support and accountability. I'm extremely OCD and need that structure to make things work.
Wondering what's going on in your head when you sit down to write. Could you isolate a thought/feeling/belief that might be contributing to the funk?
One of my writing instructors had said not to write or read what you've written for 3 weeks...I'm sorry you are in a slump - I wonder if March has us all going a bit empty - this is same reason I started the short story - just to get into something totally different.
I'm thinking there is probably something behind this. Wondering if there is maybe a thought or feeling that is keeping you from actually writing. I've found that the "kick in the butt" technique doesn't work. I prefer to clear up my thoughts and then find a way to make it really, really fun. (At least the first draft)
I think I'm going to be like the Nike commercial and 'Just Do It'! I'm going to wake up earlier (which is hard because of my illness) and write. If I can't write, paint. If I can't do either, crochet. Something to get my mind flowing and make it ME time.
Tami - your troubles are so familiar! I know this is not exactly "the" answer you're looking for, but having been there myself, I actually wound up writing a novel about it (when I finally broke through).... And I've serialized the novel, called Veronica's Nap, on a blog also offering discussion about all the related issues: the funk, writing, inspiration, the publishing industry, etc.

My novel/blog is at http://www.veronicas-nap.com. It's the story of a young mother and aspiring artist living in the south of France who's stuck in the habit of procrastinating and indulging in naps while a nanny watches her two-year-old twins. In part this is because she, too, is overwhelmed by dishes, laundry, kids, finance, etc!! While her particular case is a bit over-the-top, the story takes readers on a journey examining every aspect of this particular type of rut, and ultimately she must figure out what's at the root of it, and how to break out of it.

I hope you'll stop by and join the Backstory Blog conversations (http://veronicas-nap.com/backstory-blog/). If nothing else, I hope it helps to know you're not alone! I think more moms than we can imagine struggle with this -- but very few are willing to say so publicly. And if you ever want to talk about it more, I'd be glad to lend an ear and whatever experience I can.

Warm wishes, and best of luck.


You need to get The Right to Write, by Julia Cameron. The book change the way I look at writing drastically.

Then, you need to decide when it's the best time for you to write (for me, it's early in the mornings). then you have to make a schedule every weekend for your UPCOMING week and you need to stick to it. Even if you can write only a bit a few times a week. But you need to be consistent.

Also, make sure you have clear focus. For example, don't say: I'm going to sit down and write.

Say: I'm going to sit down and work on this article for 45 minutes. Be specific.

Last, try writing 'Morning Pages' each morning. That's 3 pages of stream of consciousness crap to unclutter your brain. Not only will it calm your inner critic, but it will help you focus on the writing and forget about procrastination.


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