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Negative feedback...dont like giving or receiving it..?

I recently have been advertising my business more online. I posted a free ad on Kijiji for my etsy shop. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would get a reply back. I figured that if someone was interested that they would scoot on over to my shop and look around there. Personally if I saw an add like that, that would be the first thing I would do.

This is the comment I received back from my business ad:

"what Koolaid have you been drinking? Show the products and skip the family crap - everyone has their own family - we don't want to read about yours. Get a grip girl"

I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion, when it comes to voicing it, I sometimes feel that keeping it to yourself is a safer bet, then hurting anothers feelings, basically being a bully. Last I learned, back in elementary school, was bulling wasn't cool.

What do you do when you receive negative feedback? I Blog about it :P

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Don't ignore the comment. Respond thanking them for their feedback. Advise them that all comments and suggestions are welcomed and taking into consideration so you can improve your customers experience.

Then offer them a promotion.. turn the negative into a positive and don't forget to ask for a sale.. you never know that customer can turn into a valued customer
I agree with the first commenter, but as far as content, I like seeing some family stuff mixed in. That's just me. I guess some do and some don't. All I'd know to do is try to keep a healthy balance of family and products. Good luck!
I am unsure about this one - part of me disagrees. I think someone that posts something like that will be difficult and not someone I would want to work with. On the other hand a generic response may be a nice gesture. If the person continued to be difficult I definitely would not engage in more conversation.

I looked over your site and found nothing wrong - I think some people just like to be difficult.
I took a blogging workshop at a recent writer's conference and she said to do what Shannon and leonissa suggested. But if the person continues to be difficult to cut off contact. So I think you're getting good advice. ;0)
Hi Melissa --

wow, that was pretty harsh! Blogging about it is always good. My view is that if you received many comments like that you might have to rethink your advertising to appeal to the customer, however, I bet this was a one-time thing and just one person's opinion.

Hopefully you get good feedback as well!



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