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Hello, fellow parent bloggers!

I'm looking to network and exchange some follows/likes/subscribes/etc with some fellow like-minded parents. I think we could really bounce ideas off each other. I love retweeting well-written, poignant articles, and especially parenting humor.

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Hey there, followed you on Twitter!

Thanks for the follow, Tiffany! I'm also following you! :D

Awesome, thank you! I'm following you now as well!

Hello! I'm now following you on Twitter :)

Following, thanks for the friendship! :D

Sorry it took so long to get back to you, but I'm following you now! :D

I followed you on Twitter too =)

Following you on Twitter and Facebook.

Follow me back: Twitter: JuneWife627


Thanks for the follow, I'm following you as well! :D

I followed you on Twitter and subscribed to your blog =)

Following you as well! I'm looking for the same thing...great bloggers I can retweet or share on my FB page with like minded content. :)


Twitter: @EmilyJPH



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