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New Blogger, I Need Followers! If you follow me, I will follow you...(isn't that in a song?)

Hi, my name is Mignette Strife and I am new to blogging.  I am a mom of 4 who's kids are all in sports and they are all under the age of 11.


It would be great to have followers!  I am at


Make sure to add your link to make it easier to follow.


Thanks again,



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Hi there! Newest blog follower:)

You can visit me at


Hi Loressa, I am now following you! Thanks! Your site looks great, I'll be sure to keep reading, I'm always curious.

I'll follow you.

Here is mine..

I'm currently doing a giveaway for $150 in coupons!

Hi Amanda, I am now following you.  I love the cupcakes they look so good!

I just clicked to follow!

-Hot Mama

im a follower now too.

Hi Jennifer, I am now following you.

Jennifer Amy Randolph said:

I just clicked to follow!

-Hot Mama

Hi Jennifer, I am now following you.  Your son looks so cute in his costume.  It is so much fun when they start playing sports.

Christina Shoemaker said:

Hi, Mignette!  I'm now following your blog!  My son is too little right now for sports but I know that it won' t be long before I'll be a sports mom too... and I can't wait!  I look forward to reading more!


Hi again:) LOL...I think I am networking right behind you today:) Hope you are having great luck! I am having a blog hop today if you would like to link up! http://

Too funny, I noticed that and I almost responded again.  I keep seeing your name pop up, I hope you are having great luck too! I'll see you at the next blog :)  I am going to link up to you blog hop, thanks for sharing.

Hi! I'm a new follower. 

Please follow my interior design blog - KG STYLE DESIGNS

and my Diet & Fitness Blog - ichange

Thanks for the support! 


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