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Hello mamas! Let's start a new discussion on gaining new followers. Post your link and a short introduction on who you are! :) 

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Hello Mamas,

My name is Olivia, I am 25 and about to have my first baby - a wee girl. 

I have just started a blog about my experiences being pregnant (haven't been rosy) and my anxieties that have come with it.

Would love your feedback :)

Olivia! Hello and welcome! Funny, my birthday is August 5th ;) Congratulations on your baby girl. So exciting!!!! Being a mama is THE best and also most challenging thing in the whole wide world. It's far from perfect but perfect for you because you're just being a mama to a little human being! <3 

 read a few of your posts and love the realness and 'raw' of it. Great job. Did you buy a domain? 


Oh wow the 5th of August must be a great date :) Your words mean a lot to me so thank you! i can't wait to meet my wee girl! 

Yes I did buy a domain. I paid for 12 months to see how it goes.

Do you have a blog?

Yes I do!

Please let me know what you think and how I can improve!


BTW, I want to follow you but can't find the follow button?! 

Thanks for letting me know. I have had a play around and the follow option should be on the bottom right-hand corner now. Can you let me know if it's still not there?

I found it and followed! Now I can stay up to date with your pregnancy and precious baby girl!!

I live on 50 acres in small town Colorado.  Sharing our adventures raising our son, 15 chickens, a pregnant dog, and one crazy cat.  I love to cook, bake, can and garden.  

I checked it out!! My heart broke for the little sick chick! :(

Oh your blog is so lovely :) 

I'd love to have chickens!!


Wow what an awesome ride! What made y'all decide to move our to Colorado? I went ahead and followed your blog! :) 

Hey! I'm Dicia and I'm 29. I have two boys, my oldest is 8 and my little is 2. I have been married to my husband for almost 10 years now. I stay at home to homeschool my oldest, who has been recently been diagnosed with Dyspraxia! My blog is all about being a mom, homeschooling, special needs, and being a wife!

Follow me:
 (And I also vlog on youtube: itsmymommylifenow)


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