Hello mamas! Let's start a new discussion on gaining new followers. Post your link and a short introduction on who you are! :) 

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Hey, I was homeschooled too! :) I started vlogging a few months ago but had a hard time keeping up with it. How's it going for you? 

I am following you on your blog! :) 


I'm Natasha. I'm 30. A working mommy and have three children all under the ages of 6. Two boys and a girl. I am married and work for a non-profit working with vulnerable youth in Portland, Oregon. I am a Cali girl by birth but a Pacific Northwestern girl by heart.

I have been blogging since 2010 but mainly for a hobby. This year I decided that I could do more and reach more people if I started reworking my blog. I share recipes, my mom confessions, and pretty much just document life with my crazy family of 5.

I am an introvert, have some social anxiety when it comes to large crowds but love people. I want to make friends with other blogging mom's and have a sense of community.

Check out my blog:

Hi Natasha

I've just been to your blog and twitter page and followed you on twitter (sat23 April) Nice to link up.

mainy - over at

Hello, my name is Elena and this is my blog: Caramel Curlz & Swirls.  I'm a mother of 2 (one boy and one girl.) I've been blogging for approximately three years.  In our blog I give tips on how to care for the little ones' curly hair as well as DIY crafts and let's not forget the recipes for the busy mom.

I am following everyone now. ;D


I LOVE the blog name! That is so creative and perfect. Thanks for joining this forum. Here's my blog: 

Hi Everyone! I'm Dawn Viola, a holistic nutritionist, executive chef, and founder of This Honest Food. I help moms and families transition from processed foods to real, honest, clean food through a variety of programs and cooking classes. I also specialize in special diet needs for food allergies, diabetes, heart disease, and autoimmune disease. So great to meet everyone - I'm looking forwart to connecting and collaborating. You can find me here:


Welcome! Wow, it's so awesome to meet others who are into honest and REAL eating with raw foods and healthy foods. I'm a vegan and have been for many, many years and now I'm raising my 10 month old with the same lifestyle. I am also gluten free and choose to leave out sugar for various reasons. I'd love to connect with you. What ideas do you have on collaborating? 

Here's my blog:

I post more on mom life and motherhood, but I plan to incorporate a few recipes and posts on vegan eating soon!

Dawn, I love your blog!


Hi there, I'm pretty new. I started in feb 2016 and have thrown myself into blogging and am having alot of fun. I'm here to chat and would love you to pop along to my site and have a looky see:) x

tales of a newbie blogger #2 - the logo trials


I started in Feb. too! Great to see new mommy bloggers taking a stab into this whole blogging thing!!! :) 

Hi! My name is Amanda! I do product reviews and review mom related and running related events!
IG: @theswagmama
Twitter @the_swag_mama


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