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Divine Theme

What do you do to keep your blog fresh? Where do you go to get ideas?

I love relaxing with my daughters at a local coffee shop. It gives me a different perspective and change of scenery.

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Since my blog is more informative than anything else- I read a lot (blogs, magazines, newspapers, etc.) Not just parenting (my focus) ones though. I read all types of non-fiction material. I never know what might trigger a new idea!
I change-up the layout to keep my blog fresh (for me and my readers). Nothing so dramatic that it would look like a whole different space - but little things that make it engaging.

For example, since this is the week of halloween...I put up a halloween header with the Parent Club logo(thanks to Cutest Blog on the Block + a little photoshop).

That Halloween header gives me inspiration for a week of themed posts. It still has my logo - so the blog is unchanged - yet it gives it pop.
I love the coffee shop idea. Just having some quiet time away from my kids and husband might help me think a little more clearly so I could come up with new ideas when I feel stuck.

When I start to feel that way usually I go buy some magazines or books and a diet dr. pepper and just write ideas down as they come... Sometimes it's just an issue of having a little "me time" and it makes all the difference in the world.
I pick a weekly theme each week. I also try to remember the things that made me laugh during the week. With a nineteen month old there is always something.
I have 3 blogs. One is to help others promote their shops, businesses, etc. by linking them to FREE services on the web, etc. It is time consuming because I always try the service or program before I recommend it. but, that is busy! But I try to spend at least a few hours on each blog a week- then I create several posts, but set the post dates for a few days apart for each one so there is always something new.
On my Mommys Review blog- I am always scouring for free stuff, recipes, links etc that I think the typical mom could use. Again, before I post it I try it to see if it is a long survey process, do you get overwhelmed with emails after you enter your info, etc. Same thing, I spend a day doing this blog, then set each post to actually be published at a different time.
My final blog is on human development, children, life... With informative, actual researched articles that I write. So this one is the most time consuming, but I am in Grad school so it gives me a lot of material to work with. One fun thing to do is monthly offer a contest or giveaway- even if it is free advertising- that gets people who may not normally visit your blog a chance to see what you got.
Mine are at:
I like packing up my laptop and heading to a local coffee shop. I have found that time out of the house by myself gives me a bit of a jump start. When I can't get out of the house I try writing in a different room of my house or even a different chair to change things up a little.


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