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I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas. I am so glad it is over!
I have been wanting to purchas a new laptop. Can anyone give me some pointers on purchasing one and what to stay away from? I have been looking into Dell, but have no clue what to get. Any ideas?

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If it's within your budget, I'd recommend a Macbook! The white one is now $999, which is very competitive with PC prices. I love my Mac, and can't imagine going back to a Windows-based operating system.

Those new netbooks look great, if you won't be using your laptop that often and don't have much to spend. You can get one for under $400.
I concur with Mariana on this one. I received a Macbook over the holidays and have been 100% HAPPY with the switch from the Windows-based OS. The user interface is very easy to navigate, the laptop itself is extremely lightweight and looks pretty cool too. :)
Lucky you! I just got my first Macbook the 2nd week of December, but have had a Mac desktop for a few years now. Once you go Mac you never go back! ;)
The last time I owned an Apple computer was back in college. It's been so nice being back! You're'll take a lot to get me back to a Windows PC now. :)


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