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New to the group. Would love the support! You'll get it right back :-)

Hi mommies!

I'm new to the group.  I'm new to blogging as well!  I'm a writer and speaker, so blogging has been an escape for me, of sorts.  But, because I'm so new to it, I'm struggling a bit with gaining traction.  I'd love it if you all would check out my blog, like, comment, share, EVERYTHING!

My blog is about freedom, in a word.  If I had to add others, they would be honesty and sisterhood.  I've always been a bit of an oddball, and now that I'm a wife and mother, the expectations for me to reign it in have been staggering.  But, I'm convinced that it's completely okay to turn away from the flock and walk to the beat of your own drum...or ukulele.  I might actually be skipping along to a ukulele or something.

Either way, I'm still tweeking it, and I know that there needs to be some modifications added, but if you share my stuff, you'll get the love right back :-)

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I also follow back and looking for readers to give my blog a chance.

Hi Danielle!

I read and commented on your post.  I like your writing style.  I'll keep up with it.  Thanks! 

thank you I love your twitter page I'll be retweeting the heck out of it!! still couldnt pull up her website but Ill keep trying swear

Kudos to you on your new endeavor! On my way to check it out! :)

Sorry Bree!

It's not ready yet.  We're relaunching after a cyber attack, but you can see samples of the content on my LinkedIn page.

I am new as well and here to support! will be def checking out your blog :)

Hi Naturally Nelly!  Blog is rebooting in the New Year.  We got hacked, then had some setbacks, but I'm uploading my content again and adding some new content.  I'll let everyone know when it's back up and running!


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