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I love to follow new blogs and support you ladies.  I have started my own blog


It is full of kids crafts and activities that you can do on a budget.  Come check it out and I will follow you back!  Thanks so much!

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What a fun site!  I just posted a comment.  I'd love to follow your site.  Would you be willing to follow mine in return?  It's

Thanks Jill, yours looks great as well.  I will have to try some recipes for my picky eaters.  Couple of things... I could not find a link on your site to follow.  Did I miss it?  Also, when you commented on my blog and I clicked on the link it took me to healthykiddsnacks and not healthykiddosnacks. Just wanted to make sure people can follow you. I would love to follow you if you can help me out with where to find it.



Thanks Vicki.  I'm an awful typist.  I have a link on the left side to follow on facebook. It's below the blogher ad.

Followed you! Great site, you are SO creative! I have a 2 year old and one on the way so I'm really excited to implement some of your great ideas!!!



Looks like a tasty site!  I posted a comment for you.  Check out my site,  I'd love to hear from you!

great snack ideas, ill try to make the fruit roll ups!

liked your site in fb already... please follow my blog as well




Thanks Trisha!  Your site is beautiful!

Thanks Kailee, I am following you as well.  I may gain 5 pounds though.  LOL!


loved the colander helmets! following already...please follow my blog as well




Following you now!  Hope you're all feeling better!

I am seriously gonna have to try some of those activities, so thank you for sharing. New follower.

Danelle( ( I am also following everyone else above me)


Hi.  I'm a fairly new blogger who blogs about teens and family issues.  tidays blog is about taking your child to college for the first time!  I love comments ans will definitely follow and comment on you.  Please stop by and say hi!



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