So what do you think makes a blog popular?

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It has a lot to do with the content, the appearance and the promotion!
Content people can relate to or learn from. And a relatively clean layout so you can find the content!
Definitely content and feel. It will obviously be different for each person, but I tend to like bright, clean blogs that aren't too busy but offer good, concise content. I don't have the time to read at 3 page article, but I do enjoy reading short, to the point posts or posts that have good illustrations (images).
what do i think makes a blog popular?

I think just starting out...patience. It takes a minute to build up your followers.

Doing guest post on other blogs that give your blog credit

Submit your blogpost for a Pree Release if you have a really great topic

Make a Vlog in your blog every now and then and then post it up in youtube, directing people to your blog

I think you really do have to write a post everyday. If you can't write a post everyday, put up a picture. But if you post once a'll loose people because they will forget about you (unless they are family..because they are probably stalking your blog and praying you aren't saying anything about them)

Have a clean layout...for me..i can't stand blogs with music on them, or lots of clutter. chic and clean is what i believe in. It's also easy in the eyes.

PUT a picture in each blog post...seriously. When it comes to blogs we are all like 6 yr old kids..we need pictures with the words.

Write blogs that are interesting. I look at all kinds of blogs, from cupon saving blogs, to business blogs and "how to " blogs. But the blogs i usually stalk are the ones that are on a more personal level...let's me know they are human.

When someone leaves a comment in your blog...go ahead..reply back in the comment active with your readers.

End/start your post with a question that is relevant to what you are blogging about that day.

Go ahead...ask readers to leave a comment at the end of your post.

I just up and started yet another blog. I think this one is a real keeper. I did have someone design it..but really i am in love with it all!

Good Luck with the blogs!
Oh such a good point! I can't stand music on blogs either. Every once in a while I come across one with music I do like and don't scramble to turn off, but usually when I'm on the computer, I've got the radio on anyway. I don't need any more noise!! And everyone's taste in music is different. If I come across a blog I could potentially like but it has music I can't stand, I won't be back!
A lot of great points here! I agree with the pictures...we are like 6 year olds! I know I get annoyed by big blocks of straight next and will skip right over.
-->Frenchell I agree with you 100%. It's especially true with the pictures. I am a visual person and want to know what people look like that are being discussed. It's probably why I only post a few times a week, if I don't have a picture, it doesn't get shared. :-)

Deb aka

WOW, thanks for all the great information on blogging. Would love to have you join us at!
What great suggestions for a newbie blogger! Thanks!
My rule is, the more politically incorrect the blog is, the more people will relate! Not censoring your thoughts or feelings creates an open and honest dialogue that people will connect with...
Wow.. I pretty much have nothing to add. Some really great points posted here. Some of my turn offs are: music (OMGawd, shoot me), infrequent posting ( I'm not gonna keep knocking on your door, asking if you wanna come and join us), posts that look like one HUGE long run on setence with improper punctuation spelingandspacing (LOL... did ya all catch that?) Oh, and pictures.... definately pictures.
The one thing I have noticed is that most readers (myself included) have a "sense" about a blog in the first few seconds of being on your site. If it's a personal blog, and you're not being honest, or REAL it will show in your work immediately. I also found it helps to decide who you are writing to, who your audience is or would like them to be.

Do it from your heart. Do what you love and what inspires you, and you'll never go wrong.

Good luck to you.....
I don't have much new to add- I think all of my thoughts have been touched on. Good content, clean design, active blogger. That said, there are so many great blogs out there and not enough hours in the day!


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